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Farm damage compared to cyclone Bola

The country has been battered by the tailend of a cyclone.

Storm damage to South Island farms over the past two days is being compared to that from Cyclone Bola on the east coast of the North Island in March 1988.

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Southland wants ban on sale of legal highs

Synthetic cannabis and a pipe.

The mayors of Southland are demanding the Government ban the sale of synthetic cannabis and other legal highs.

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7.2 quake in Mexico

People leaving buildings in Mexico City on Friday morning.

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Mexico City on Friday morning. Buildings shook for at least 30 seconds and there was widespread panic.

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Earth-like planet found in deep space

An artist's concept of Kepler-186f.

Scientists believe a newly discovered rocky planet may be the most Earth-like yet found in another solar system, 795 light years away. Kepler-186f is almost exactly the same size as the Earth.

Updated 14 minutes ago