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NZers mark Auschwitz liberation

Hundreds of people are attending ceremonies throughout New Zealand today to mark 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp.

Police seek cyclists seen near blaze

Police are appealing for a tractor driver and two cyclists seen in the vicinity of the Arthur's Pass blaze just after it started yesterday to contact them.

Man remanded over fatal Whangarei assault

A 60-year-old man has been remanded in custody and granted interim name suppression after appearing in court over after a fatal assault in Whangarei.

Crash victim would have drowned - coroner

A Christchurch man who died in a car crash on his way to swim at the beach was so drunk he would have been at serious risk of drowning, the coroner has found.

Scheme aims to boost science education

The Government hopes to improve science teaching with a new $2 million-a-year scheme that will partner teachers of children in years 1 to 10 with science organisations.

Taylor: PM broke rules on election day

The High Court has begun a three-day hearing of career criminal Arthur Taylor's claim that John Key's election result in Helensville should be overturned.

'Historic' blizzard hits US

A winter storm pounded the northeastern United States on Monday, hitting tens of millions of people and forcing the rare cancellation of Broadway shows in an "historic" New York blizzard.

New water supply for fire crews

Water reserves have come online that should help helicopters battling a major fire on a high-country station near Arthur's Pass. (AUDIO)

Legal action threat over land clash

The Canterbury A&P Association is threatening legal action against the Christchurch City Council if it build a sports hub on land used for carparking.

Soaring temperatures set to continue

Soaring temperatures are continuing throughout the country as the final week of school holidays rolls on.

Two nominated for Labour Party president

Two people have been nominated for the position of Labour Party president, the Labour Party says.

Communities fight liquor outlet numbers

Communities in south Auckland are mobilising to fight against the number of places allowed to sell alcohol.

New Solomons PM announces his government's policies

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister has announced plans to boost the country's economic growth and tackle corruption in a major speech to announce his newly-elected government's policies.

Europe warns Greece to stick to austerity

The EU warms Greece its place in the eurozone is at risk if new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras fails to meet the country's austerity and debt commitments.

Christchurch 'ghost' scares Pakistani cricketer

Pakistan cricketer Haris Sohail believes there was a ghost in his Christchurch hotel room and developed a fever, according to Pakistan media reports.


Love, death and opera

British comedian and master storyteller Mark Thomas talks about the operatic show he wrote in honour of his larger-than-life builder and opera-loving father.

Review: Laneway Festival 2015

Synth pop, dreamy rock and bass-heavy bangers. These are the sounds of Laneway 2015.

Surfing Aotearoa

A salty sport enjoyed by thousands in New Zealand due to the long island coastlines and consistent sea swells.

Beyond the ballot box

Last year's election saw unprecedented efforts to get out the youth vote. Did they work?

Birdwatching with This Way Up

Finding out about New Zealand's birds with birdwatcher Hugh Robertson. This week Simon and Hugh head out in search of a native green parakeet, the kakariki.

The Black Panthers' Minister of Culture

Kathryn Ryan talks to former Black Panther Emory Douglas, whose art became iconic of the American civil rights movement.

The meaning of life

The documentary series The Trouble With Murder looks into how attitudes towards punishment for murder has changed over the last 60 years in New Zealand.

A short history of stupid

Wallace Chapman talks to writer Helen Razer about the decline of reason and other things that make her want to scream.

Sole central: swapping sneakers

Lauren Baker checks out a collector culture where fans get together to trade, sell and talk all things sneakers.

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