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Southern farm damage compared to Bola

The country has been battered by the tailend of a cyclone.

Storm damage to South Island farms over the past two days is being compared to that from Cyclone Bola on the east coast of the North Island in March 1988.

Updated 14 minutes ago

Southland wants ban on sale of legal highs

Synthetic cannabis and a pipe.

The mayors of Southland are demanding the Government ban the sale of synthetic cannabis and other legal highs.

Updated 37 minutes ago

Campers rescued from rising river

Fire crews had to ferry more than 20 trapped people from a camping spot on the flooded Selwyn river, south of Christchurch late on Friday night. The operation at Coes Ford took about two hours.

Updated about 1 hour ago

Japan to redesign Antarctic whaling

Japanese whaling ship Yushin Maru No. 3 in port in Yamaguchi.

Japan is to redesign its Antarctic whaling mission next year to make it more scientific, after the International Court of Justice ruled it was a commercial hunt masquerading as research.