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Kids telling fibs: Why it's a good thing

Little porkies told by two and three-year-olds are cause for celebration, according to one of the world's leading authorities on why children lie. (AUDIO)

Attempted murder among upgraded charges

One or more of the five people arrested in connection with a woman found critically injured on the side of a road north of Auckland, are now charged with attempted murder.

Govt won't wipe WINZ motel debts

Wiping the debt of people who have been staying in motels for emergency accommodation would not be fair to others in the system, the Social Development Minister says. (AUDIO, COMMENTS)

Bodies suggest explosion on EgyptAir flight

Human remains retrieved from the crashed EgyptAir flight suggest that there was an explosion on board the plane.

Man caught with $2m worth of P

A Northland man returning from a trip to South Africa has been caught with $2 million worth of methamphetamine in his luggage.

Another group of North Koreans defect

A group of North Koreans working at a state-run restaurant overseas have defected, South Korea has confirmed.

Benefit fraudster escapes prison sentence

A Nelson woman who racked up benefit fraud of almost $150,000 has been sentenced to 10 months home detention.

Investigations in Fiji into abuse of cyclone relief

17 people are being investigated and two have been charged in Fiji with using Cyclone Winston relief funds fraudulently.

Failed building inspections on the rise

More building inspections are failing as new house construction ramps up, the Minister for Housing and Building says.

Teens to spend at least a decade in jail

Two teenagers who robbed and murdered a 54-year-old man in an Auckland motel have been jailed for more than 10 years.

Minister seeks money to free up Auckland land for housing

The Building and Housing Minister is seeking more money from Thursday's Budget to free up Crown land for house-building in Auckland. (COMMENTS)

PNG university semester suspended

Students at the University of Papua New Guinea have been told to vacate the campus within 48 hours after semester one was suspended for an indefinite period.

Greece moves refugees 'where conditions are humane'

Greece has begun evacuating thousands of stranded refugees from the makeshift Idomeni camp on its northern border with Macedonia.

Parker risks losing IBF mandatory challenge

The New Zealand heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker will lose his mandatory IBF title challenge if he fails to beat his next opponent, Australian Solomon Haumona.

More gay men being diagnosed with HIV

A high level of gay and bisexual men are still being infected with HIV in New Zealand, research indicates. (AUDIO)

MBIE needs resources to prosecute - Labour

Airlines will not stop breaching New Zealand's border rules unless they are likely to face prosecution, Labour says.

No budget to send Vanuatu to Festival of Pacific Arts

Political inteference has been blamed for Vanuatu being unable to send a team of delegates to the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts.

Researchers muddying Antarctic waters

Raw sewage from research bases is contaminating Antarctica's pristine ocean, affecting fish, seals, penguins and other marine creatures, researchers say.

Smeltz out of Nations Cup

All Whites striker Shane Smeltz has been ruled out of the OFC Nations Cup after suffering from a recurring foot injury during the A-League season.

Deadly pursuit driver yet to face court

The driver facing charges over a fatal crash following a police pursuit north of Wellington over the weekend remains in hospital.

Rates write-off for Omaio kiwifruit conversion

The owners of Māori land earmarked for development in the eastern Bay of Plenty will have their rates written off for the first five years.

Parker still faces fight for title shot

Sports Call - Joseph Parker may have proven he's a contender for the world title, but there's no guarantee that fight will happen, writes Stephen Hewson. (COMMENTS)

Fonterra's milk price tipped to be below break-even

Fonterra's forecast farmgate milk price for the upcoming season is expected to be well below the break-even point for farmers. (AUDIO, COMMENTS)

NZ seeds arrive at 'doomsday' vault

The first ever samples of New Zealand seeds to be stored in the Arctic's underground global seed vault are arriving at the Svalbard archipelago today.

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