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NZ 'set to become fattest nation'

New Zealand is on target to become the fattest country within five years, according to a surgeon who says not enough weight loss surgery is being done.

House prices more out of reach

New Massey University research shows housing affordability dropped an average 14 percent last year.

Boaties cool on tighter licensing

Recreational boat users are slamming suggestions a licensing system be introduced, saying it will add a level of bureaucracy without making boating safer.

Queenstown's duty free binge

Queenstown bar owners, health workers and hoteliers are calling on the Government to take a closer look at how much duty free alcohol people can buy.

Andrew Little in testing times

Powerplay with Brent Edwards - Just a couple of months into his new job as Labour Party leader Andrew Little is finding out how difficult it can be.

MH370 declared an accident

Malaysia has formally declared missing flight MH370 an accident and its passengers and crew presumed dead.

Writer Colleen McCullough dies

Australian author Colleen McCullough has died at the age of 77, after a long illness.

Ethical fund standard called for

Kiwisaver funds claiming to be ethical or sustainable are being urged to put their money where their mouth is, with calls for a industry-wide standard.

McCully's low fuel flight drama

A plane with Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully was running out of fuel and had passed the point of safe return during a flight to Antarctica. (AUDIO)

Changes blamed for huge drop in UE passes

Education leaders are blaming changes to University Entrance for an unexpectedly big drop in the number of teenagers gaining the qualification. (AUDIO)

Investment safe as houses?

Minister for Social Housing Paula Bennett expects institutions like banks will invest in state houses being sold by the Government. (AUDIO)

Disused Auckland flyover to be cycleway

A disused motorway flyover in central Auckland is to become a cycleway, in an announcement due from the Government this afternoon.

Two potential cyclones brew

Fiji's Met Service says it is keeping a close watch on two weather systems that have the potential to develop into cyclones this coming weekend.

Ancient skull clue to exodus

An ancient skull discovered in Israel could shed light on the migration of modern humans out of Africa some 60,000 years ago.

Sri Lanka win last ODI

Kumar Sangakkara breaks record as Sri Lanka win 7th and final ODI against New Zealand in Wellington.


Reading and riding

An education programme in California is using old exercise bikes to get kids pedalling while they read – increasing their pleasure in both activities.

Music 101 pocket edition

Dudley Benson reviews Björk's surprise-release Vulnicura, Mark Rye shares stories from a life in the British music industry and hear from Tom Krell, aka How To Dress Well.

Project Kiwi: a call to dog owners

A conservation group which cares for one of the last remaining kiwi strongholds on the Coromandel Penisula is urging dog owners to use aversion training and leads when out with their pets.

Dishing the dirt on flies

The warm summer is great for holidays - but not so good if you dislike flies! Get the facts on these often unwelcome - yet necessary - visitors from bug-expert Ruud Kleinpaste.

Going underground

Dig deep with three experts on caves who discuss how New Zealand's many caves are formed and explored, and their value to the tourism industry.

Healthy gadgets

Pioneering technology blogger Richard MacManus' diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes triggered his interest in ways technology can help us improve our health.

South Sudan Cinema

Auckland-born film-maker Samuel Richards is providing a solar-powered cinema to more than two hundred orphaned children in South Sudan.

Why do people fall in love?

Scientists delving into the centuries-old question of the nature of love have come to some surprising conclusions.

She'll be right on the water

Seventeen people have already died in the water this year – why aren't water safety messages getting through?

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