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Fruit fly restrictions lifted as no more found

The Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni).

Restrictions on the movement of fruit and vegetables in Whangarei have been lifted as no more Queensland fruit flies have been found. A single fly was found in a trap in Parihaka on 1 April.

Land slip at gold mine

Macraes gold mine in 2010.

A land slip on Saturday shut down production at Macraes gold mine in Otago. No one was hurt. There was a similar incident a year ago.

Second woman attacked in Wellington

Part of the City to Sea walkway where the assaults happened.

A second woman has been attacked near Victoria University student accommodation, possibly by the same man who assaulted a woman on Saturday morning.

Disabled care pay policy 'unworkable'

Yellow wheelchair symbol in parking space.

A caregivers umbrella group says a policy to pay carers of disabled family members is unworkable and its implementation is an unmitigated disaster.

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