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Swiss police arrest FIFA executives

The Swiss Federal Office of Justice has confirmed that six officials from football's governing body FIFA have been arrested in Zurich.

Key downplays caucus divisions

The Prime Minister is downplaying any divisions within the National Party caucus over the health and safety law reforms, that have now been delayed for at least two months. (AUDIO, COMMENTS)

Organised Crime Bill passes second reading

Legislation targeting bribery and corruption has passed its second reading in Parliament tonight.

More Maori in need of budget help

More Māori are reaching out for help to deal with the consequences of quick-cash loans, mounting bills and rising rents.

Surgical mesh claims mount

The number of compensation claims by patients suffering from complications caused by a controversial surgical mesh is increasing. (AUDIO)

Ministry of Education stands bus driver down

The Ministry of Education has stood down the Auckland driver of a Ritchies bus which children say drove erratically and terrified them.

Park-and-ride charges on the cards

Auckland's transport agency says it is considering charging people to use its park-and-ride facilities to cope with demand. (AUDIO)

'Compassion should not cloak dangers'

Compassion for a terminally ill woman wanting to die with her doctor's help should not cloak the dangers of what she is asking for, a court has been told. (AUDIO)

Clark retains influence, says Forbes

Former prime minister Helen Clark has appeared at number 23 on a list of the most powerful women in the world.

Ex-teacher guilty of indecent act in public place

A judge has ruled that a former teacher was in a public place when he was caught masturbating in an Auckland classroom. (AUDIO)

Ministry wants school bus driver stood down

The Ministry of Education wants a school bus driver who refused to pull over for Auckland students travelling home on Monday to be stood down. (AUDIO)

Debate continues over NZ troops in Iraq

If Iraq doesn't have the will to defend itself, it's not worth a single New Zealander's life to try to train its soldiers, New Zealand First MP Ron Mark says. (AUDIO)

Referendum possible on CEDAW in Tonga

The prime minister of Tonga says there could be an historic referendum on the ratification of a controversial women's rights convention.

India: Heatwave death toll hits 1000

The death toll in the heatwave sweeping India has passed 1000, with temperatures nearing 50°C in some areas.

Savea and Retallick the key to the future

New Zealand Rugby believes signing-up All Blacks Julian Savea and Brodie Rettallick for the next two World Cups will stave off overseas clubs from poaching other top New Zealand players.

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Talking Books

Delve into the classic Owls Do Cry by Janet Frame. Explore the unlikely links between New Zealand releases The Chimes and Five Minutes Alone.

Weekly listening

Music 101 and The Wireless present fresh tunes from Astro Children, Hudson Mohawke, Shamir, Laurel Halo and more.

School children revive Samoan language

It is Samoan Language Week, and people throughout New Zealand are taking part in debates, traditional Samoan food and cultural performances.

Sustainable shopping

Amelia Nurse explores which things she might consider at the grocery store if she wants to make sustainable choices.

Cupcakes, muffins and scones

Lemon Diva Cupcakes, Nearly No-fat Banana Bran Muffins, Blueberry and Yoghurt Scones and more delicious baked treats.

From The Vault: Fetus Productions live 2011

The avant-garde experimental art group, led by the saw-toothed Jed Town, reconvened after 20 years to perform underground classics.

Headquarters: SJD in West Auckland

Taking you inside the creative spaces of New Zealand musicians... hear songs from Saint John Divine and Southern Lights. (AUDIO, VIDEO)

What it's like to be young and unemployed in NZ

Tens of thousands of young New Zealanders are out of work. We talk to three who have struggled to get their foot in the door of the job market.

Life, mortality and poetry

Clive James, arguably the most famous living Australian, is dying. The author, TV guy and cultural commentator charms Kim Hill.

More Features

Sir Bob Jones ejected from flight

Passengers cheered as former politician Sir Bob Jones was ejected from a flight this morning after failing to comply with a safety briefing.

Sisters describe impact of port death on family

The sisters of a man who died while working at Wellington's port cried today as they told a Court about the impact his death has had on their family.

Health and Safety bill delayed

Workplace Safety Minister Michael Woodhouse says proposed changes to health and safety laws have been delayed due to resistance within the National Party caucus.

Disgruntled MPs lead Norfolk opposition - Hardgrave

Australia's administrator on Norfolk Island says the opposition to reforms initiated by Canberra is being led by a few politicians who will lose their jobs.

House swept away, cars trapped in Texas

At least 15 people are reported to have been killed after wild weather and flooding across Texas and Oklahoma.

Who are the State of Origin favourites?

Neither the defending champion New South Wales nor the multiple series-winning Queensland side want to be labelled favourites heading into tonight's opening State of Origin match in Sydney.

Refuge says plenty of services tackling violence in whanau

The demise of Relationships Aotearoa won't necessarily hurt Māori whānau, according to a Maori Women's Refuge spokesperson.

Interest rates tipped to stay steady

The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research expects interest rates to stay on hold until mid-2017. (AUDIO)

Saudia Arabian agri-hub threatened compo

Cabinet papers reveal the Government has spent more money than originally thought on creating a demonstration farm on a Saudi Arabian millionaire's farm.