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The Shape of the Media

In an era when traditional media is changing rapidly, what’s the future for quality journalism? What alternatives can online media offer audiences? How is it paid for? What’s the effect of social media and celebrity culture? What are the implications for New Zealanders who can now get access to instant information wherever they are?

On Labour Day Monday 26 October 2015, Radio New Zealand and Massey University hosted a discussion about the future of journalism and the shape of the media today which was recorded in the Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium.

You can hear the discussion here.

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The host for the evening was Jim Mora. Those taking part included Professor Graeme Turner (above) – one of the leading figures in cultural and media studies in Australia and internationally – and a panel of local experts who offered a wide range of perspectives on the issues raised.

They are: Fran O’Sullivan, Duncan Greive and Professor Darrin Hodgetts.

Panellist backgrounds:

Fran O'Sullivan

Fran O'Sullivan Photo: Supplied

Fran O’Sullivan
Editorial Director, Business, New Zealand Herald & NZME. One of New Zealand’s most respected and experienced business journalists, now in a leading editorial role at the NZ Herald.

Duncan Greive

Duncan Greive Photo: Supplied

Duncan Greive
Editor and Publisher, the Spinoff. This New Zealand website covers television, sports, books and more, under the direction of Duncan Greive. It provides digital-only content.

Darrin Hodgetts

Darrin Hodgetts Photo: Supplied

Professor Darrin Hodgetts
Based in Massey University’s Psychology Department, Prof. Hodgetts is currently working on some major media-related research.


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