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Drama on the radio

The Reading

Adaptations of fiction and non-fiction books as well as short stories during Nine To Noon with Kathryn Ryan. Weekdays at 10:45 am. Available for listening to for two weeks after broadcast.

NZ Readings on Afternoons

New Zealand readings during Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan. Weekdays at 2:30pm. Available for listening to for two weeks after broadcast.

The Audiostorium

A collection of book readings, major dramas, drama series, children’s stories and other stuff available to listen to any time you want.

The Reading

Audiostorium - Readings

New Zealand novels and stories and adapted for radio including writing by Fiona Farrell, James McNeish, Brian Turner, Owen Marshall, CK Stead, Steve Braunias and Kelly Ana Morey.

drama hour

Audiostorium - Dramas

Kiwi audio drama and comedy including plays by Dean Parker, Pip Hall, Paul Rothwell, Elspeth Sandys, Sam Trubridge, Roger Hall, Gary Henderson and Joe Musaphia.

Gold pieces

Storytime Treasure Chest

Some of the very best children's stories produced over the years by Radio New Zealand including a mix of well known classics, contemporary New Zealand stories and newly commissioned work.

Actor on stage b wPD pixabay

Encore - The Story of New Zealand Theatre

A series chronicling the past, present and future of New Zealand Theatre.



New Zealand actors give their own interpretations of a number of Shakespearean Monologues.


More drama available online

Go Solo

Audio versions of solo performances written and performed for the stage by graduating students at Toi Whakaari.

New Shorts

Short plays by emerging writers and writers new to audio drama.

You Me… Now!

A crash course in love: our online urban soap about a bunch of young people.

More drama on the radio

The Drama Hour

Drama and comedy in the form of major plays, short plays and mini-episode series along with interviews from producers, writers and performers of audio drama. 3pm on Sundays.


New Zealand stories for children. 6:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Drama Department is undergoing some exciting changes and is at present updating its information for prospective writers of short stories, comedies and dramas.

For the moment Drama is not seeking any new, unsolicited independent scripts from playwrights, children’s writers or short story writers.

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