Duck Neck Salt

3:10 pm on 12 May 2017

Duck Neck Salt

By Jacob Brown, of The Larder, Miramar


INGREDIENTS (Makes approximately 1 and ¼ cups)


250 g cleaned duck neck

300 ml chicken stock

100 g dried porcini or wood ear mushroom (ground to a powder)

200gms sea salt

20 g dried kawa kawa ground

20 g garlic powder

20 g onion powder


Heat the oven to 180 c. Place the duck necks on a baking sheet and roast until golden, approximately 30 minutes. Strain off any rendered fat ( reserve for roast potatoes etc).

Place the roasted duck necks in a pot with the chicken stock and simmer until all the stock is reduced and coats the duck necks in a sticky glaze. This takes approximately 1 hour.

Remove the necks from the pot and place in dehydrator overnight, or in a  low oven  for 4 hours.

Place the porcini powder in a food processor and blitz until it becomes super fine—it should resemble fine table salt. Remove the powder from the food processor and reserve in a bowl.

Place half of the sea salt and half of the dehydrated duck neck in the food processor and blitz until fine. Repeat with the second half of the sea salt and the duck neck.

Combine all of the powders in a medium bowl, and mix well.

Store in an air tight container until needed.


From Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm

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