Kokoda Fiji style

11:25 am on 14 March 2016

This is Marinated Raw Fish. Being cooked by acid instead of heat.... and it looks cooked
This is a wonderful recipe for entrees or cocktails and especially popular for Island Buffets.
Allowing 100 grams per person that should give you a starter Cocktail for about 10 people.   
In Fiji I prefer Walu and Donu (Spanish Mackerel & Coral Trout).
 Any firm fleshed white fish will be fine. In Australia I have used New Zealand Hoki and Atlantic Cod
Chop  up the Ikg of de boned & skinless flesh into approx 1/2in squares, just don't go too big as it may then not 'cook' through in the time you have available.
Cover with lemon juice and I mean just that…you can't be stingy with this. Otherwise you have to stir it more often which can lead to problems. Refrigerate, stirring gently a couple of times over around a six hour period minimum.
An hour before serving, tip it into a colander and pour off the lemon juice, press excess juice out gently
To this you will add your prepared miti sauce ....  miti is the name for uncooked & seasoned coconut cream
Present day Preparation of Miti Sauce.
To 2 cups of thick coconut cream, add 1 finely chopped medium sized onion
2 ripe but firm tomatoes, chopped
1 small green capsicum chopped finely
Salt, juice of half a lemon and finely chopped chilli to your families taste. Taste it. If it is 'lemony' enough. don't add more lemon. The tomato & capsicum I think is most likely started as an addition for the hospitality industry. Makes a lovely presentation.
Days gone by Preparation of Miti Sauce.
Finely grate 3 mature coconuts into a bowl.... don't get any brown bits in it.
Peel the skins off 3 lemons, chop into bits , add to grated coconut  with 1 cup water.
Kneed the whole with your hands & strain through a cloth into a bowl, till every bit of juice is extracted.
Add finely chopped onion, salt & chilli to taste


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