Spiced Hot Chocolate

10:00 am on 9 January 2015

Spiced hot chocolate

Serves 4


  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 1L milk
  • 1/2t Chinese five spice
  • whipped cream
  • shaved chocolate


1. In a Bain-marie melt chocolate until lump free and silky.

2. Warm milk over a medium heat. Remove from heat.

3. Slowly pour melted chocolate into the warm milk while whisking.

4. Whisk in Chinese five spice.

5. Return milk to low heat and warm for about 3 minutes.

6. Pour milk into cups (I use mason jars). Add a good dollop of whipped cream and top with shaved chocolate

Want it cold? Put milk into a jar and into the fridge until cold. The chocolate will go hard so give it a good shake and serve in a tall glass with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

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