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Last Week's Question

Question: ‘Fugue’ is a term usually associated with music, but the term ‘fugue state’ is used in a different field – which field is this?

A) Quantum physics
B) Psychology
C) Engineering
D) Political studies

Answer: B) Psychology

Prize details: Johan Sebastian Bach – The Art of Fugue

  • Angela Hewitt performs on piano          
  • The Art of Fugue (‘Die Kunst der Fuge’) is often considered the culmination of Bach’s contrapuntal skills
  • The work, like The Musical Offering, is ‘monothematic’ – entirely based on one theme or subject
  • The Art of Fugue is sadly incomplete, written at the end of Bach’s life, but still displays his contrapuntal ingenuity, featuring:
    • a fugue on augmented and diminished versions of the theme
    • inverted (upside-down) versions of the theme
    • double and triple fugues
    • a fugue ‘in French style’
    • chromaticism within fugues, and complex strettos
    • canons at the octave, tenth and twelfth, diminished and inverted
  • The work also includes the chorale ‘Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein’, inserted by CPE Bach after his father’s death – the alternate name for this chorale is ‘Before your throne I now appear’

Bach: The Art of Fugue BWV1080 - Angela Hewitt (pno)
Hyperion CDA 67980

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