7:00 pm on Wednesday (29 Oct 2014)

Lend Me Your Ears

Wallace Chapman and Clarissa Dunn talk about the joy (and pain) of discovering new music as they listen to RNZ Concert staff recommendations handpicked for Wallace ahead of his appearance as MC at 'Settling the Score Live' in Auckland on 28 November (RNZ)

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  • Conversations with Harry ( 57′ 23″ )

    Cultural entrepreneur Harry Seresin was an identity in Wellington from his arrival in 1939, safe from Nazi persecution, through several decades of energy and passion for life and the arts. In 1992 he talked with Dinah Priestley about his family background, his businesses, the establishment of Downstage Theatre, The Settlement and his coffee gallery at Parsons Bookshop (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 26 Oct 2014

  • Hopkinson Smith ( 55′ 40″ )

    David Morriss in conversation with the American-born lutenist who visited Wellington for the 2014 New Zealand Festival (RNZ)

    From Appointment on 23 Oct 2014

  • Judith Clark CNZM (1931-2014) ( 52′ 55″ )

    Christine Argyle presents a tribute to a leading NZ piano teacher (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 22 Oct 2014

  • Don Quixote ( 58′ 43″ )

    The fanciful adventures of Cervantes' deluded knight Don Quixote and his hapless squire Sancho Panza have inspired painters, filmmakers, composers and philosophers ever since the Spanish Golden Age. Presented by Elric Hooper and Des Wilson.

    From Appointment on 16 Oct 2014

  • Four Last Songs ( 58′ 1″ )

    Peter Shaw looks at Richard Strauss's final years and his Four Last Songs, today one of the most popular works in the classical repertoire. He surveys some of the many recordings

    From Appointment on 15 Oct 2014

  • Contrapuntal Mozart ( 58′ 57″ )

    Thomas Goss reveals that deep in the DNA of Mozart's greatest works is a sense of emotion and conflict that comes directly from J.S. Bach (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 09 Oct 2014

  • Alex Taylor ( 48′ 52″ )

    Alex Taylor, composer, curator of the Intrepid Music Project, multi-instrumentalist, poet and blogger talks with Kenneth Young (RNZ)

    From Appointment on 08 Oct 2014