7:00 pm on Wednesday (17 Sep 2014)

Claire Cowan

Kenneth Young talks with the NZ composer, artistic collaborator and director of the Blackbird Ensemble (RNZ)

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  • Appointment for 11 September 2014 - Sara Brodie ( 58′ 43″ )

    Theatre, stage and opera director Sara Brodie talks with Christine Argyle.

    From Appointment on 11 Sep 2014

  • Judith Weir ( 58′ 17″ )

    Master of the Queen's Music Judith Weir talks about her compositions with Charlotte Wilson (RNZ)

    From Appointment on 10 Sep 2014

  • Jeremy Woodside ( 58′ 30″ )

    Christchurch organist Jeremy Woodside is currently based at Wells Cathedral in the UK, & soon moves to a new appointment at Westminster Abbey. He talks with Margaret Ogilvie (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 04 Sep 2014

  • Ode to the Organ ( 52′ 58″ )

    Eitan Cornfield from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation takes a good look at the pipe organ (CBC).

    From Appointment on 03 Sep 2014

  • Introducing Willie Manson ( 35′ 58″ )

    Willie Manson was a young NZer killed on the Somme in 1916. The songs and story of a lost composer is presented by Peter Downes (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 28 Aug 2014

  • Roger Lloyd ( 57′ 24″ )

    Since coming to New Zealand in 1993, Roger Lloyd has managed some of this country's finest musical institutions, including the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Wellington, the New Zealand String Quartet and the Adam Chamber Music Festival. This conversation with David Morriss takes us from his early clarinet-playing days, and years with the Ulster Orchestra, through to his current role as Chief Executive of Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand. (RNZ)

    From Appointment on 21 Aug 2014

  • John Amis Composer Portraits -Michael Tippett ( 53′ 34″ )

    Few British composers have responded as deeply to world events as Michael Tippett. His oratorio A Child of our Time, was an impassioned protest against the persecution and tyranny he saw happening throughout the world in 1939, at the onset of World War II. John Amis looks particularly at Tippett's music from 1939 up until the time he made this programme in 1981 (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 20 Aug 2014