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(1) With William Dart (RNZ)

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  • Jeremy Woodside ( 58′ 30″ )

    Christchurch organist Jeremy Woodside is currently based at Wells Cathedral in the UK, & soon moves to a new appointment at Westminster Abbey. He talks with Margaret Ogilvie (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 05 Mar 2015

  • Beethoven's Piano Concertos ( 57′ 06″ )

    As an introduction to the complete cycle pianist Freddy Kempf and the NZSO are playing around New Zealand, Indra Hughes presents an overview of Beethoven's five Piano Concertos.

    From Appointment on 26 Feb 2015

  • Terence Dennis ( 57′ 17″ )

    As a pianist, Terence Dennis is widely regarded as New Zealand's finest accompanist for singers. This is attested to by the fact that artists of the highest standing like Kiri Te Kanawa and Bryn Terfel have chosen him to tour New Zealand and overseas with them. He talks to Tim Dodd about his career.

    From Appointment on 18 Dec 2014

  • John Amis Composer Portraits - Michael Tippett ( 53′ 34″ )

    Few British composers have responded as deeply to world events as Michael Tippett. His oratorio A Child of our Time, was an impassioned protest against the persecution and tyranny he saw happening throughout the world in 1939, at the onset of World War II. John Amis looks particularly at Tippett's music from 1939 up until the time he made this programme in 1981 (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 14 Dec 2014

  • Bach’s Christmas Oratorio ( 59′ 28″ )

    Peter Walls takes us through JS Bach's 6-part masterpiece.

    From Appointment on 11 Dec 2014

  • John Amis Composer Portraits - Benjamin Britten ( 43′ 31″ )

    In this personal portrait of Benjamin Britten, recorded in 1981, John Amis reflects on how different Britten's output might have been had he never met his lifelong partner, tenor Peter Pears, for whom he wrote many of his major works (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 07 Dec 2014

  • The Lilburn Lecture 2014 ( 55′ 47″ )

    Dr William Dart gives the 2014 Lilburn Lecture before an audience in Victoria University's Adam Concert Room. His subject, Signatures and Footprints.

    From Appointment on 04 Dec 2014

  • John Amis Composer Portraits - William Walton ( 50′ 51″ )

    John Amis knew William Walton well and had interviewed him several times before this portrait, recorded in 1981. As a young man Walton was accepted into the home of the illustrious Sitwell family, leading to his famous collaboration with Edith Sitwell in Façade (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 30 Nov 2014

  • John Amis Composer Portraits - Igor Stravinsky ( 40′ 43″ )

    Just over a hundred years ago Igor Stravinsky attended the premieres of his controversial ballets The Firebird, Petrushka and The Rite of Spring when they were performed to Paris audiences. And a little over 50 years ago he came to New Zealand and conducted our National Orchestra in two memorable performances, including music from The Firebird. Stravinsky is the focus of this portrait by John Amis recorded in 1981 (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 23 Nov 2014

  • John Amis Composer Portraits - Percy Grainger ( 48′ 30″ )

    John Amis looks at the colourful and sometimes eccentric Percy Grainger, a world famous pianist, teacher and writer, who today is known mainly for his folk song arrangements. Recorded in 1981 (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 16 Nov 2014

  • Composer of the Week - Alfred Schnittke ( 53′ 04″ )

    With Peter Hoar.

    From Appointment on 13 Nov 2014

  • Composer of the Week - John Ritchie ( 53′ 04″ )

    John Ritchie (b 1921), in conversation with Philip Norman.

    From Appointment on 06 Nov 2014

  • Chris Watson ( 57′ 57″ )

    Kenneth Young talks with the New Zealand composer, former Mozart Fellow and manager of the Resound Project (RNZ)

    From Appointment on 05 Nov 2014

  • Larry Pruden (1925-1982) ( 55′ 54″ )

    Peter Mechen looks at the life and work of Taranaki-born composer Larry Pruden, talks to those who knew him, and learns about the collected edition of Pruden's works being published by Promethean Editions (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 02 Nov 2014

  • Peter Kooij ( 57′ 58″ )

    Dutch bass Peter Kooij specialises in baroque music and has worked with the best, including Philippe Herreweghe and Masaaki Suzuki. He has recorded the complete Bach Cantatas with Suzuki's Bach Collegium Japan and during his visit to New Zealand with that ensemble he talked with David Morriss.

    From Appointment on 30 Oct 2014

  • Lend Me Your Ears ( 1h 8′ 33″ )

    Wallace Chapman reports to Clarissa Dunn with his thoughts on the mix tape we made for him.

    From Appointment on 29 Oct 2014

  • Conversations with Harry ( 57′ 23″ )

    Cultural entrepreneur Harry Seresin was an identity in Wellington from his arrival in 1939, safe from Nazi persecution, through several decades of energy and passion for life and the arts. In 1992 he talked with Dinah Priestley about his family background, his businesses, the establishment of Downstage Theatre, The Settlement and his coffee gallery at Parsons Bookshop (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 26 Oct 2014

  • Hopkinson Smith ( 55′ 40″ )

    David Morriss in conversation with the American-born lutenist who visited Wellington for the 2014 New Zealand Festival (RNZ)

    From Appointment on 23 Oct 2014

  • Judith Clark CNZM (1931-2014) ( 52′ 55″ )

    Christine Argyle presents a tribute to a leading NZ piano teacher (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 22 Oct 2014

  • Don Quixote ( 58′ 43″ )

    The fanciful adventures of Cervantes' deluded knight Don Quixote and his hapless squire Sancho Panza have inspired painters, filmmakers, composers and philosophers ever since the Spanish Golden Age. Presented by Elric Hooper and Des Wilson.

    From Appointment on 16 Oct 2014

  • Four Last Songs ( 58′ 01″ )

    Peter Shaw looks at Richard Strauss's final years and his Four Last Songs, today one of the most popular works in the classical repertoire. He surveys some of the many recordings

    From Appointment on 15 Oct 2014

  • Contrapuntal Mozart ( 58′ 57″ )

    Thomas Goss reveals that deep in the DNA of Mozart's greatest works is a sense of emotion and conflict that comes directly from J.S. Bach (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 09 Oct 2014

  • Alex Taylor ( 48′ 52″ )

    Alex Taylor, composer, curator of the Intrepid Music Project, multi-instrumentalist, poet and blogger talks with Kenneth Young (RNZ)

    From Appointment on 08 Oct 2014

  • Gretchen La Roche ( 57′ 40″ )

    Gretchen La Roche, clarinettist and artistic manager talks with David Morriss (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 02 Oct 2014

  • Michael Haas ( 59′ 08″ )

    Michael Haas, music producer, author and curator talks with Roger Smith (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 25 Sep 2014

  • Claire Cowan ( 52′ 42″ )

    Claire Cowan, composer, collaborator and director of the Blackbird Ensemble talks with Kenneth Young (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 17 Sep 2014

  • Sara Brodie ( 58′ 43″ )

    Theatre, stage and opera director Sara Brodie talks with Christine Argyle.

    From Appointment on 11 Sep 2014

  • Judith Weir ( 58′ 17″ )

    Master of the Queen's Music Judith Weir talks about her compositions with Charlotte Wilson (RNZ)

    From Appointment on 10 Sep 2014

  • Ode to the Organ ( 52′ 58″ )

    Eitan Cornfield from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation takes a good look at the pipe organ (CBC).

    From Appointment on 03 Sep 2014

  • Introducing Willie Manson ( 35′ 58″ )

    Willie Manson was a young NZer killed on the Somme in 1916. The songs and story of a lost composer is presented by Peter Downes (RNZ).

    From Appointment on 28 Aug 2014