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Song: Mirror of the World

Thirteen programmes that explore classic song, poetry set to music, as a prism for understanding culture and history

Presented by Thomas Hampson

(11) The New World Order

World War II had a deep influence on composers. The programme begins with Benjamin Britten's 'Death, Be Not Proud', then explores how post-war challenges brought a new appreciation of folksong, how atonality gained influence, and how artists coped under repressive regimes. Featured composer/poet pairs include Copland/Dickinson, Bernstein/Rilke, Rorem/Frost, Poulenc/Eluard, and Shostakovich/Chyorny (WFMT)

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Harmonies of Horticulture

Elric Hooper and Des Wilson look at the history of gardens and their reflections in music (RNZ)

From Appointment on 12 Oct 2015

Conversations with Harry

Cultural entrepreneur Harry Seresin was an identity in Wellington from his arrival in 1939, safe from Nazi persecution, through several decades of energy and passion for life and the arts. In 1992 he talked with Dinah Priestley about his family background, his businesses, the establishment of Downstage Theatre, The Settlement and his coffee gallery at Parsons Bookshop (RNZ).

From Appointment on 11 Oct 2015

Phillip Rhodes

Kiwi baritone Phillip Rhodes talks with Kate Lineham about his international career in opera.

From Appointment on 08 Oct 2015

Montserrat Caballe

Roger Flury and Des Wilson look at the life and music of the Spanish soprano, winner of the Gramophone Lifetime Achievement Award 2007 (RNZ)

From Appointment on 05 Oct 2015

Ronald and Zillah Castles' Sweet Compulsion

The influence a brother and sister in Wellington had on early music in New Zealand, from the 1930s. Shelley Wilkinson takes us to the capital and touches on Ronald and Zillah Castle's Sweet Compulsion.

From Appointment on 04 Oct 2015

Wagner and Hotels - Stuttgart

In Stuttgart, Wagner's debts were catching up with him.

From Appointment on 01 Oct 2015

Edo de Waart

Edo de Waart in conversation with Christine Argyle during his 2007 visit to NZ

From Appointment on 28 Sep 2015

Wagner and Hotels - La Spezia

In Spezia a walk by the sea inspired the opening of the Ring Cycle

From Appointment on 24 Sep 2015

Janetta McStay

The NZ pianist and teacher talked with Peter Mechen in 2007

From Appointment on 21 Sep 2015

South Pacific

Elric Hooper and Des Wilson look at the history of Rodgers and Hammerstein's great musical.

From Appointment on 20 Sep 2015

Wagner and Hotels - Chemnitz

In Chemnitz the composer narrowly avoids arrest after his involvement in the Dresden Uprising

From Appointment on 17 Sep 2015

Sounds of Taiwan

Phillip Collins evokes the sounds, smells and colours of everyday life in Taiwan (RNZ).

From Appointment on 14 Sep 2015

Whittaker's Musical Experience

Tim Dodd visits the Whittaker's Music Museum on Waiheke Island and talks to Lloyd and Joan Whittaker about their marvellous collection of harmonicas, accordions, concertinas, pianolas, pianos and organs (RNZ)

From Appointment on 13 Sep 2015


Musical thriller or grand opera? Melodramatic masterpiece or shabby little shocker? Elric Hooper and Des Wilson look at Puccini's 1900 setting of the story of the singer, the painter and the chief of police. (RNZ)

From Appointment on 10 Sep 2015

Maurice Till (1926-2011)

Tim Dodd talks to the distinguished NZ pianist - one of the first to sustain a performing career while remaining in NZ. (RNZ)

From Appointment on 07 Sep 2015


The story of the Voyager Golden Records. When NASA realized that the Voyager space probes being launched in 1977 would eventually travel beyond the edge of our solar system, they decided to include some kind of message to any intelligent aliens who might one day find them. A committee headed by astronomer Carl Sagan made the selection which includes a wide variety of music, spoken greetings in 55 different languages (including some that are very obscure or long extinct) and samples of earth's nature sounds. They're on gold-plated copper discs, engraved much like a vinyl record album and attached to the outside of the spacecraft. As the Voyager 1 and 2 probes are now 11 billion miles away and still going strong, Steve Danby decided to look at the Voyager Golden Records and the message they're taking from planet Earth.

From Appointment on 06 Sep 2015

David Briggs

As part of Organ Week we've booked an Appointment with an organist with a huge international reputation. During his most recent tour in New Zealand David Briggs talked with Indra Hughes about smells and sounds and jaw-dropping experiences. (RNZ)

From Appointment on 03 Sep 2015

Ode to the Organ

Eitan Cornfield from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation takes a good look at the pipe organ (CBC).

From Appointment on 31 Aug 2015

Winnaretta Singer

Part Two: Between the Wars

The Parisian salon hostess La Princesse de Polignac was an American heiress to the vast Singer Sewing Machine fortune. Winnaretta Singer married into the French nobility and became an important private patron of the arts. Second of two programmes presented by Elric Hooper and Des Wilson (RNZ).

From Appointment on 30 Aug 2015

Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet has been set to music by a wide range of composers. Presented by Robbie Ellis.

From Appointment on 27 Aug 2015

Colin Horsley (1920-2012)

“I was classed as the New Zealand brilliant young pianist – which I couldn’t be now at eighty-seven! Anyhow, so that was quite a thing; and people were very nice to anybody from New Zealand”

Colin Horsley retired to the Isle of Man and from there talked with Peter Mechen in 2007. (RNZ)

From Appointment on 24 Aug 2015

Winnaretta Singer

Part One: La Belle Epoque

The Parisian salon hostess La Princesse de Polignac was an American heiress to the vast Singer Sewing Machine fortune. Winnaretta Singer married into the French nobility and became an important private patron of the arts. First of two programmes presented by Elric Hooper and Des Wilson (RNZ)

From Appointment on 23 Aug 2015

Dame Gillian Weir

A conversation marking the NZ-born international concert organist's 70th birthday in 2011 (RNZ)

From Appointment on 17 Aug 2015

Dame Joan Sutherland (1926-2010)

The extraordinary voice and career of the Australian soprano known as La Stupenda.

From Appointment on 16 Aug 2015

Jon Vickers (1926-2015)

A profile of the great Canadian heroic tenor in his prime

From Appointment on 13 Aug 2015

David Long

David Long talks with Charlotte Wilson about his work for film, television, classic bands like The Muttonbirds and recent activities with The Labcoats and as Lilburn composer-in-residence.

From Appointment on 06 Aug 2015


Elric Hooper & Des Wilson look at 200 years of star status of the baritone voice.

From Appointment on 03 Aug 2015

Pavarotti in Perspective

Roger Flury and Des Wilson reflect on the stellar career of the Italian tenor.

From Appointment on 02 Aug 2015

José van Dam - Mastersinger at 75

The great baritone in conversation with Jon Tolansky. Part 2. (RNZ/WFMT)

From Appointment on 30 Jul 2015

Appointment with Inspector Morse

Real ale and opera are the main consolations for Inspector Morse in ITV's multi-layered series. Morse fan Adrienne Simpson looks at the integrated use of music in the long running whodunnit.

From Appointment on 27 Jul 2015

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