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The War That Changed The World

Five programmes

Continuing the series we heard earlier in the year, the BBC visits a further five countries to discuss WWI issues

(5) Jordan: Redrawing the Map of the Middle East

How did World War One change the face of the Middle East? And, how did this seismic and controversial period shape the century to follow? Lyse Doucet presents a public debate from Amman in Jordan, with a panel of experts - in partnership with the British Council.

The programme considers the impact of World War One and how its aftermath still overshadows the political landscape of the Middle East (BBC)

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Appointment with Inspector Morse

Real ale and opera are the main consolations for Inspector Morse in ITV's multi-layered series. Morse fan Adrienne Simpson looks at the integrated use of music in the long running whodunnit.

From Appointment on 27 Jul 2015

Jose van Dam - Mastersinger at 75

The great baritone in conversation with Jon Tolansky. Part 1 (RNZ/WFMT)

From Appointment on 23 Jul 2015

Madama Butterfly

Puccini’s opera, Madama Butterfly, set in Japan, had one of the most disastrous premieres in Italian operatic history, but the first version was certainly not the last. Michael Vinten looks into the many alterations that Puccini made to what would become one of the most popular and widely performed operas in the world.

From Appointment on 16 Jul 2015

Tristan and Isolde

Wagner ushered in a new musical era and took the human voice to new limits in 1865 with his story of forbidden love. Erica Challis takes us through this great opera ahead of a recording of last year's concert performance from Auckland which can be heard this coming Sunday at 6.00pm.

From Appointment on 09 Jul 2015

Celluloid Circus

Seasoned New Zealand journalist and documentary maker, Wayne Brittenden takes us through the history of Kiwis' love affair with the silver screen, at least between 1925 - 1970.

From Appointment on 25 Jun 2015

Don Quixote

The fanciful adventures of Cervantes' deluded knight Don Quixote and his hapless squire Sancho Panza have inspired painters, filmmakers, composers and philosophers ever since the Spanish Golden Age. Presented by Elric Hooper and Des Wilson.

From Appointment on 21 Jun 2015

The Ring: Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods)

We reach The Twilight of the Gods, as Erica Challis takes us through the story and music of the fourth of Wagner's Ring Cycle operas.

From Appointment on 11 Jun 2015

The Rake's Progress by Stravinsky

A 1947 Chicago exhibition of William Hogarth's sequence of paintings depicting "A Rake's Progress" inspired Stravinsky to compose an opera. With a clever English libretto by WH Auden & Chester Kallman, the work premiered at La Fenice in Venice in 1951. The opera is regularly revived and is now a 20th century classic. Elric Hooper & Des Wilson present an introduction to The Rake's Progress

From Appointment on 07 Jun 2015

The Ring: Siegfried

Erica Challis takes us through the story and music of the third of Wagner's four Ring Cycle operas.

From Appointment on 04 Jun 2015

The Ring: Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold)

Erica Challis takes us through the story and music of the first of Wagner's epic four Ring Cycle operas. In Das Rheingold the theft of precious gold from three Rhine maidens launches us into a world of gods, heroes, dwarfs, giants, nature spirits and magic (RNZ).

From Appointment on 21 May 2015

Terence Dennis

As a pianist, Terence Dennis is widely regarded as New Zealand's finest accompanist for singers. This is attested to by the fact that artists of the highest standing like Kiri Te Kanawa and Bryn Terfel have chosen him to tour New Zealand and overseas with them. He talks to Tim Dodd about his career.

From Appointment on 17 May 2015

Oh! What a Lovely War

Elric Hooper and Des Wilson tell the story of Joan Littlewood's 1963 satirical stage show on the First World War (RNZ)

From Appointment on 10 May 2015

Raymond Boyce

Designer Raymond Boyce has made a huge contribution to ballet, opera, puppetry and straight drama since he first came to New Zealand in 1953. Peter Mechen talks to Raymond and others who've worked with him over six decades in the theatre.

From Appointment on 07 May 2015

Roger Lloyd

Since coming to New Zealand in 1993, Roger Lloyd has managed some of this country's finest musical institutions, including the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Wellington, the New Zealand String Quartet and the Adam Chamber Music Festival. This conversation with David Morriss takes us from his early clarinet-playing days, and years with the Ulster Orchestra, through to his current role as Chief Executive of Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand. (RNZ)

From Appointment on 03 May 2015

Sarah Castle

While home to star in NZ Opera's production of La Cenerentola, Sarah Castle talks with Kate Lineham about her musical life (RNZ)

From Appointment on 30 Apr 2015

Peter Ustinov (1921-2004)

Elric Hooper and Des Wilson look at the extraordinary background and life of the award-winning English actor and dramatist Peter Ustinov (RNZ)

From Appointment on 29 Apr 2015

Paul Wittgenstein

Elric Hooper and Des Wilson look into the life and times of the WWI veteran, one-armed pianist Paul Wittgenstein, remembered for the great works written for him by several major 20th century composers including RAVEL, PROKOFIEV and STRAUSS (RNZ)

From Appointment on 23 Apr 2015

Contrapuntal Mozart

Thomas Goss reveals that deep in the DNA of Mozart's greatest works is a sense of emotion and conflict that comes directly from J.S. Bach (RNZ).

From Appointment on 22 Apr 2015

War Records

Des Wilson looks at the British gramophone industry's contribution to the war effort 100 years ago (RNZ).

From Appointment on 19 Apr 2015

The Circumstances of Beethoven's Symphonies

Some believe that they were conceived as a set with an overarching grand schema, but Thomas Goss points out the often more expedient external factors that influenced Beethoven in composing his nine symphonies (RNZ).

From Appointment on 16 Apr 2015

Germans in Maoriland? (2) Classical Musicians

There were significant numbers of Germans working as musicians and living here in New Zealand during the 19th century until 1914. Samantha Owens introduces us to a handful of these German immigrants who were indeed contributing to this country's youthful classical music scene.

From Appointment on 15 Apr 2015

Michael Haas

Michael Haas, music producer, author and curator talks with Roger Smith (RNZ).

From Appointment on 09 Apr 2015

Germans in Maoriland? (1) The Jolly German Band

German bands hit the world in their thousands during the 19th century and, as if there was something in the water, they all seemed to come from the same small area in Germany. Although forgotten today, German bands were frequent visitors to New Zealand's shores too, from the 1850s right up until the outbreak of World War I. Musicologist Samantha Owens and Shelley Wilkinson introduce us to some of these touring visitors and follow them around New Zealand.

From Appointment on 08 Apr 2015

Stabat Mater

Brian Kay looks at the various ways composers have set the words of the Stabat Mater (RNZ)

From Appointment on 02 Apr 2015

Sara Brodie

Theatre, stage and opera director Sara Brodie talks with Christine Argyle.

From Appointment on 25 Mar 2015

A Child of Our Time - Part 1

Rachel Hyde and David Morriss explore the background to Michael Tippett's pre-war oratorio (RNZ)

From Appointment on 19 Mar 2015

A Child of Our Time - Part 2

Rachel Hyde and David Morriss explore the background to Michael Tippett's pre-war oratorio (RNZ)

From Appointment on 19 Mar 2015

A Child of Our Time - Part 3

Rachel Hyde and David Morriss explore the background to Michael Tippett's pre-war oratorio (RNZ)

From Appointment on 19 Mar 2015

Benjamin Northey

New Chief Conductor of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra talks with David Morriss about music and life (RNZ)

From Appointment on 18 Mar 2015

Renata Scotto - A legend looks back, Part 2

Legendary Italian soprano looks back on her life, from her earliest memories as a young girl falling in love with opera, through her thriving career singing some of her most famously acclaimed roles, up to her present day triumphs directing opera productions and teaching young singers in her greatly sought-after master-classes (RNZ/WFMT).

From Appointment on 12 Mar 2015

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