25 Oct 2015

Music in Braille

From Music in Braille, 9:00 am on 25 October 2015
Louis Braille

Louis Braille Photo: Public Domain

Braille is an important component in many blind peoples’ lives, and some of those blind people are musicians.

In this programme Lisette Wesseling explores Louis Braille’s adaptation of his six-dot reading and writing system for the blind to represent the language of music.

Braille awareness consultant for the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, Lisette is also a soprano and studied voice in Auckland, Melbourne and London, with a special interest in early music – and she uses Braille music. Lisette is joined by Stephen Bennett, Ken Joblin, Àine Kelly Costello, Moya Michalachis and Wendy Richards.

braille music

Photo: Public Domain