21 Nov 2010

West Sumatran composers - Part 3

Voice, flutes and drums

Vocal music is a leading performance style in West Sumatra.


Talempong Photo: CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons

Megan Collins talks to singers and flute players who maintain traditional performance while composing contemporary music from those traditions.

Music Details for Part 3 – Voice, Flutes and Drums

M HALIM: Bakudincak from Taligo Buni - Kultur Kontakt
TRAD: Singgalang Kasiak – private recording
TRAD: Guguah Ragam - ODE CD MANU 1531
M HALIM: Tukang Oyak – private recording
M HALIM: Bukan Music Biasa – private recording
M HALIM: Si kembar dalan kopain – private recording
M HALIM: Sabai – private recording

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