3 Aug 2006

Joni Mitchell Part 5

From Composer of the Week, 9:00 am on 3 August 2006

"If you had that house/ car/ bottle/ jar your lovers would look like movie stars" - Joni takes on the '80s

Rebecca Blundell looks at Joni Mitchell's music in the '80s and her disdain for the social and political climate of the time.

Her new husband Larry Klein fuels her interest in the synthesizer age and becomes her co-producer.

Music from Wild Things Run Fast; Dog eat Dog; Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm and Night Ride Home.

Music Details

Composer, Work, Label & Catalogue Details

Joni MITCHELL, The Reoccurring Dream, Geffen GEFD24172
Joni MITCHELL, Love, Geffen GEFD2019
Joni MITCHELL, Man to Man, Geffen GEFD2019
Joni MITCHELL, Chinese Café, Geffen GEFD2019
Joni MITCHELL, Tax Free, Geffen GEFD24074
Joni MITCHELL, Ethopia, Geffen GEFD24074
Joni MITCHELL, Number One, Geffen GEFD24172
Joni MITCHELL, Lakota, Geffen GEFD24172
Joni MITCHELL, Night Ride Home, Geffen GEFD24302
Joni MITCHELL, Cherokee Louise, Geffen GEFD24302
Joni MITCHELL, Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Geffen GEFD24302