11 May 2013

Music Migrations (Part 2)

From Composer of the Week, 2:00 pm on 11 May 2013
Gabriel's Gully during Otago's gold rush

Gabriel's Gully during Otago's gold rush Photo: Public Domain

Music Details for Part 2:

BOWNESS: Paddy Fahey's Jig/Paddy Fahey's Reel/The Silver Spire - Catherine Bowness Band (private recording)
WRIGHT: Shearing's coming Around - Robert Scott (Powertool 11017)
THATCHER: Wakamarina – Roger Wilson (bari), Gillian Bibby (pno) (private recording)
THATCHER: Wakamarina - Tamburlaine (Kiwi SLC01
TRAD: Soon may the Wellerman come - The Maritime Crew (Manu 2014)
TRAD: Down The Moor - Damien Barber and Mike Wilson(sourced from itunes)
TRAD: Hiring Time - Michale Gallagher (vocals) (Topic TSCD 673T)
TRAD: Ye Banks & Braes O'bonnie Doon – Mick West (vocals)(Linn 620 269)
TRAD: Whaler's Rhymes – Robert Scott (Powertool 11017)
GARLAND: Ballad of James MacKenzie – Phil Garland (Kiwi CD SLC 265)
GARLAND: Tuapeka Gold - Dave Calder (Kiwi SLC01
GARLAND: Fine Bright Gold - The Pioneer Pog'n' Scroggin Bush Band (private recording)
MCCANN: The Man from Moidart , from Fine - CEOL 39283
JONES: Shanties by the way – Phil Garland Band (Kiwi SLC 87)
TRAD: The Shearer's Jamboree - Kokatahi Band (Kiwi CD SLC 273)