7 Jul 2013

Composer of the Week - Giuseppe Tartini (1692 –1770)

From Composer of the Week, 9:15 am on 7 July 2013

We dip into the world of devilishly good violin playing with the music of Giuseppe Tartini as we commemorate his most famous Violin Sonata in G minor otherwise known as the Devil’s Trill, which came to him in a dream 300 years ago. Peter Hoar explores the Devil’s Trill as part of a broad cultural continuum and introduces us to Tartini’s life and work as an accomplished swordsman, musician, composer, and a man who was something of a profound mystic. Tartini believed that he had been specifically entrusted with a particular task by God - this mission was no less than revealing the principles that underlay and unified the universe. And the way he was to do this was through music.