Jack Body: Composer of the Week, Part 1

From Composer of the Week, 9:05 am on 4 May 2014

Jack Body Gareth Watkins
Jack Body, taken 3 September 2011 by Gareth Watkins at the composer's house, Brooklyn, Wellington. Supported by the Lilburn Trust and the Wallace Arts Trust.

For over 30 years Jack Body has taught music students at Victoria University and over the years provided thousands of young composers with opportunities at the start of their careers.

Through the gamelan orchestra at the university he has introduced students to music of other cultures, specifically Indonesia, and has brought many visiting artists to New Zealand.

Without Jack, the musical culture of this country would not be nearly as rich.

Jack is now in his 70th year and in the first of two programmes he talks to Elizabeth Kerr about his life and the many strands of his composing career.