Global Sounds

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Not all audio is available due to copyright restrictions.

Global Sounds - How Hybrid? (Part 2) - Violins and Fiddles

2:00 PM. Megan Collins focuses in on the violin and the way its portability led to its appearing around the world in different guises.

How hybrid? Global music mixes

A six-part series presented by ethnomusicologist Megan Collins

(2) Violins and Fiddles

Violins made their way around the world on colonial ships and in the suitcases of migrants. Megan Collins introduces violins from Italy to India, played under the chin, on the shoulder and upside down (RNZ)



Music details:

TRAD:  Brovallette Sta Domata- Nikos Hatzopoulos & Yiannis Vitzilaeos (Nascente NSBOX 046)
TRAD:  Tarantella del gargano - Arakne Mediterranea (ARC EUCD 1753)
BACH:  Sonata No 3 in C, mvt 1 - Lucy van Dael (vln) (Naxos 8554423)
MCGLINCHY/ O’BRIEN:  Splendid Isolation/ The Swallows Nest/ The Newly Mown Meadow (Nascente NSBOX 012)
TRAD:  See me Dance the Polka - Bill Gorringe (vln) (TSCD 581D)
DOUCET:  Tu ma fait Rire - Beausoleil (Vanguard 79759)
TRAD arr KAZUTOKI:  Odessa Bulgarish - Betsuni Nanmo Klezmer (Nani NCD 101)
CEMAL:  Mavisim - Kemani Cemal Cinarli (vln) (RGNET 1057)
SUBRAMANIAM:  Alapana, from Raga Kirvani - L Subramaniam (vln) (Ocora C582029)
TRAD:  Kroncong Moritsko - Netty (vocals), Orkes Krontjong Asli Studio Djakarta/ Zaelani (Tradisom VS06)
TRAD:  Gamat - Nurul Hayati, Saryadi (vocals), Gamat Artistika/ Safrudin (Dept of Indonesian Culture and Education)
MUKHLIS:  Ginyang Barantam - Mukhlis Rusman- violin show
TRAD:  Salai Jin Part 1 - Ternate musicians/ Ibu Lela (Celestial Harmonies 14232)