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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Music Migrations

Ethnomusicologist extraordinaire Dr Megan Collins takes her trusty sound recorder to fairs, festivals, churches, homes, halls, even garages, in search of musical gems from migrant New Zealanders. Sample the fruits of her field work in this popular five-part series featuring musicians from countries including Samoa, Cambodia, the United Kingdom and Iran.

Megan Collins holding a rabab, used in West Sumatra to accompany migration stories -

Megan Collins holding a rabab, used in West Sumatra to accompany migration stories - Photo: Ernalinawati Graham

(2) Today Megan Collins explores the music of early European migrants to New Zealand, beginning with the stories of her own ancestors from the British Isles (RNZ)

You can listen to all five programmes here

Music details

BOWNESS: Paddy Fahey's Jig/Paddy Fahey's Reel/The Silver Spire - Catherine Bowness Band (private recording)
WRIGHT: Shearing's coming Around - Robert Scott (Powertool 11017)
THATCHER: Wakamarina – Roger Wilson (bari), Gillian Bibby (pno) (private recording)
THATCHER: Wakamarina - Tamburlaine (Kiwi SLC01
TRAD: Soon may the Wellerman come - The Maritime Crew (Manu 2014)
TRAD: Down The Moor - Damien Barber and Mike Wilson(sourced from itunes)
TRAD: Hiring Time - Michale Gallagher (vocals) (Topic TSCD 673T)
TRAD: Ye Banks & Braes O'bonnie Doon – Mick West (vocals)(Linn 620 269)
TRAD: Whaler's Rhymes – Robert Scott (Powertool 11017)
GARLAND: Ballad of James MacKenzie – Phil Garland (Kiwi CD SLC 265)
GARLAND: Tuapeka Gold - Dave Calder (Kiwi SLC01
GARLAND: Fine Bright Gold - The Pioneer Pog'n' Scroggin Bush Band (private recording)
MCCANN: The Man from Moidart , from Fine - CEOL 39283
JONES: Shanties by the way – Phil Garland Band (Kiwi SLC 87)
TRAD: The Shearer's Jamboree - Kokatahi Band (Kiwi CD SLC 273)