New Horizons

Sunday 23 September 2012, with William Dart

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5:00 pm Sunday 8 March: New Horizons

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Audio from Sunday 23 September 2012

Not all audio is available due to copyright restrictions.

In response to the APRA Silver Scrolls last week, William takes a look back at some previous winners. He then runs through some of the contenders and the winner in 2012.

Then follows three new releases:

Nightchoir - See the First Star
Sola Rosa - Low and Behold, High and Beyond
Luckless - Luckless

nightchoir see the first star sola rosa low and behold luckless


Artist – Album Title [Label]
Composer: Song

Ray Columbus – The Solo Years [EMI]
Columbus: I need you

Dave Jordan – Seasons [Kiwi Pacific SLC 67]
Jordan: I shall take my leave

King Kapisi – Reverse Resistance [Festival single]
Kapisi: Reverse Resistance

The Mutton Birds – Salty [Virgin]
McGlashan: Anchor Me

Kiwi Hit Disc 144 [NZ On Air]
Puffin: Outta Reach – Lindon Puffin

Kiwi Hit Disc 141 [NZ On Air]
King: Never be without you – Grand Rapids

Lydia Cole – Me & Moon
Cole: Hibernate

Kiwi Hit Disc 146 [NZ On Air]
Neilson: Getaway tonight – Opossom

Kiwi Hit Disc 152 [NZ On Air]
McGrath/Shanks: State House by the River – The Eastern

Kiwi Hit Disc 143 [NZ On Air]
MacDonald: Girl in Stilettos – Anna Mac

[Ex iTunes]
Brown: Everything to me – Lips

Nightchoir – See the First Star [Elevenfiftyseven]
Hall/Jordan/Franklin-Browne: Pretty Good
Hall/Jordan/Franklin-Browne: Don’t Know

Sola Rosa – Entrance to Skyway [Festival Mushroom]
Spraggon: 3am

Sola Rosa – Moves On [Festival Mushroom]
Spraggon: Deadman walking

Sola Rosa – Low and Behold, High and Beyond [Way Up]
Mitchell/Spraggon: Spinning Top
Rennie/Spraggon: In My Dreams
Mitchell/Spraggon: Loveless

Luckless – Luckless [Touch Piece]
Rossiter/Wood: Hummingbird Heart
Rossiter/Wood: Snake and Crocodile