16 Dec 2016

Jack BODY: Five Melodies (4 movements)

From Resound, 10:04 pm on 16 December 2016

Margaret Nielsen (pno). Recorded by RNZ Concert, 2 November 1984.

Jack Body

Jack Body Photo: Michael Norris

Jack Body’s music covers almost all genres, including solo and chamber music, orchestral music, music-theatre, music for dance and film as well as electroacoustic music. A fascination with the music and cultures of Asia, particularly Indonesia, has been a strong influence. He has been commissioned by the Auckland Philharmonia, NZ String Quartet, NZSO, BBC Scottish Orchestra and many other groups, and has written three works for the Kronos Quartet. note: Originally composed for Margaret Nielsen this set of short pieces for piano explores unconventional melodic styles inspired by the composer’s fascination with melodic styles outside the Western “classical” tradition, including, among others, bagpipe music, and the Chinese guqin zither. It has been recorded by both Margaret Nielsen and Daniel Poynton.