Saturday Concert

3:00 PM Today

2013 New Zealand Youth Choir Farewell Concert

New Zealand Youth Choir/David Squire

BALDWIN: Magnificat; SCHUMANN: Four Songs for Double Choir Op 141; HOWELLS: Take him, earth, for cherishing; LANGE: He wishes for the cloths of heaven; HAMILTON: Una noche de Verano; CARTER: Musicians wrestle everywhere; SCHAFER: Miniwanka (or The Movements of Water); TIPPETT: Five Negro Spirituals, from A Child of our Time; TRAD arr Schlenker: O Come, O Come Emmanuel; TE WHANAU WEHI: Te Iwi E; SHEARING: Lullaby of Birdland (recorded in Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland by RNZ)

3:00 pm on Saturday (04 Apr 2015)

2013 Auckland University Lilburn Composition Competition

Two programmes

(1) ANYA LEENMAN: Portrait of Unknown Woman - Finn Schofield (cl), Robert Drage (cello), Eddie Giffney (pno)

OLIVER HUANG-XU: 57 Years in the Cage - Robert Drage (cello)

CLOVIS MCEVOY: Death Warmed Up - electroacoustic

AH YOUNG JEONG: Calling from Heigh-Ho Valley - Pearl Huang (fl), Hyun-Jun Jang (cl), Stella Kim, Mikeal Na (vlns), Anya Leenman (vla), Gunhee Lee (cello), Ah Young Jeong (harp)

BARNABY FLAVELL-CHITTY: Change - electroacoustic

CALLUM BLACKMORE: The Ghost Sonata - Callum Blackmore (vocalist) (recorded in the University of Auckland Music Theatre by RNZ)