Sound Lounge

8:00 Bridging the Wind, A Concert of Korean Music

Suh Seungmi (daegeum), Choi Jin (gayageum), Cho Kyongsun (vocalist/geomungo)

TRAD: Cheongseonggok; Sanjo; Urak; HWANG BYUNG-KI: Sound of the Night; PAK KYUNG-HOON: The most precious things are not visible; KIM YONG SIL: Chulgang; TRAD: Cheonnyeonmanse; Arirang (recorded in the University of Auckland Music Theatre by RNZ)

10:00 Brian Eno: Eno as Producer (Prog 5 of 6)

Thomas Goss looks at the production of such albums as The Unforgettable Fire by U2 and Remain In Light by Talking Heads. (RNZ)


11:00 New Music Dreams