9 Sep 2009

The letters of Beatrice Hill Tinsley: 1964-1966

From The Stars are Comforting, 7:00 pm on 9 September 2009

Commuting between Dallas and Austin, Ph.D and baby

“I don’t believe I have told you what my thesis is going to be about yet. Really I will be studying a whole lot of different theories of cosmology, to see which one is best able to explain the observations made with optical and radio telescopes on different galaxies … An answer would have a lot of information about the past and future of the universe. Already it looks like a very interesting subject, because there are serious difficulties in trying to make any of the theories fit!”

NGC 3125 A starburst galaxy

NGC 3125 A starburst galaxy Photo: NASA, Public Domain

Music Details:

BACH Partita BWV1004, Allemande Cedille (CDR 9000078)

LALO Cello Concerto,2nd mvt (EMI 573503)

PRAETORIUS arr Harris Lo How a rose (SONY SK 48235)

DE SABATA The Night of Plato (HYPERION CDA 67209)

JARRE Prelude & Lara’s theme, Dr Zhivago (CBS MK 42307)

COPLAND Billy the Kid, Prairie night (DORIAN DOR 90170)

HAYDN String Quartet Op 33 No 4, 4th mvt (AUVIDIS ASTREE E 8570)

SATIE Parade, Part 1 excerpt (EMI CDC 749471)

MOZART Flute Concerto, 3rd mvt (BRILLIANT CLASSICS VOL 2)

BACH Violin sonata BWV1001, 4th mvt (Cedille CDR 9000078)