30 Dec 2014

300 Years to the day

From Summer Sonic, 12:00 pm on 30 December 2014

Indra Hughes brings a personal programme to Summer Sonic with a strong West Auckland thread where this Lancashire lad now lives. He'll share music that is special to him, and chat about people he's worked with. There's Bach in unusual guises, rousing 'curtain-raisers' of romantic British music, Mel Tormé, relaxing and beautiful slow movements and tuneful eighteenth-century organ concertos.

The programme opens with part of Sir Charles Stanford's 1879 opera The Veiled Prophet of Khorassan which is about an Islamic terrorist who plans to take over the planet and wipe out all non-believers... extraordinarily topical! A short but delightful piece of instrumental Bach that was first performed on 30 Dec 1714 - 300 years ago to the day. There's an extract from Mel Torme's 1990 performance at the Wellington Festival. Indra will play music by his near neighbour Margaret Wegener who's 93 and who worked with Vaughan Williams, and he'll play his favourite recording of Vaughan Williams' Tallis Fantasia, performed in Gloucester Cathedral, the place for which it was written.