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2:00 pm on Sunday (07 Sep 2014)

Cameron Carpenter: Champion for Change

Auckland organist John Wells presents his take on the young organ revolutionary, Cameron Carpenter (RNZ)

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  • Composers on Camera - Composer as Lover ( 57′ 26″ )

    Thomas Goss explores how the subject of romance is elevated to philosophical and artistic heights when merged with the identity of a great composer.

    From Summer Sonic on 09 Jan 2014

  • Composers on Camera - Composer as Madman ( 57′ 29″ )

    Thomas Goss discusses composer-film specialist Ken Russell & his penchant for over-the-top portrayals, and reviews other films in which hysteria trumps drama.

    From Summer Sonic on 17 Aug 2014

  • Composers on Camera - The Beethoven Meme ( 57′ 55″ )

    Thomas Goss offers a comparison of three recent movies about the greatest classical composer, and suggests how their different views add up to one Messianic testament.

    From Summer Sonic on 10 Aug 2014

  • Composers on Camera - How Amadeus Changed Everything ( 57′ 9″ )

    Thomas Goss takes a long view of cinematic composers, and how one film lifted their narratives from the mundane to the epic.

    From Summer Sonic on 03 Aug 2014

  • Versions of Fidelio ( 56′ 50″ )

    Michael Vinten looks at the various versions of Beethoven's only opera.

    From The Sunday Feature on 15 Jul 2012