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Introducing Willie Manson

2:00 PM.The opening day of the Battle of the Somme offensive, 1 July 1916, was the worst day in British military history: 20,000 men were killed and another 40,000 wounded. One of those was a talented young New Zealand-born composer, a prize-winning student at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

David Briggs

2:00 PM.During his most recent tour in New Zealand international organist David Briggs talked with Indra Hughes about smells and sounds and jaw-dropping experiences. (RNZ)

Christchurch Harmonic Society 1965 Tour

2:00 PM.Fifty years ago, 150 members of the Christchurch Harmonic Society Choir and Chorale travelled to England to represent New Zealand at the Commonwealth Arts Festival. Clarissa Dunn talks to the Music Director William Hawkey and some of the choir members about this highlight of their musical lives (RNZ)

Lilburn and Broadcasting

2:00 PM.Perhaps more than any other New Zealand composer, Douglas Lilburn's career in music was influenced and supported by broadcasting. But this was mutually beneficial, and broadcasting too gained much from the relationship over the decades. In this programme, Roger Smith brings out from the archive some of Lilburn's greatest moments in broadcasting.

Alan Loveday - violinist

2:00 PM.The distinguished NZ-born violinist, who made a famous recording of Vivaldi's Four Seasons with the Academy of St Martin in the Fields, lived in retirement in London. Peter Mechen and Charlotte Wilson present a tribute to Alan Loveday, with contributions also from Ruth Stanfield and Sir Neville Marriner (RNZ)

The Fall and Rise of Harpsichord 6

2:00 PM.In August 1956, a beautiful new harpsichord arrived in Wellington aboard the RMS Rangitoto. It had been purchased from its maker, Thomas Goff of London, by the New Zealand Broadcasting Service for use by the National Orchestra in baroque repertoire. Why was this instrument so special and what went wrong when it got to New Zealand? Where is it now? Was there a happy ending? James Gardner delves into the surprisingly colourful and quirky story of a harpsichord and its maker and talks to several people with connections to the instrument.

Shakespeare's Sonnets

2:00 PM.Performer Michael Hurst and writer Ken Larsen explain to Matthew Crawford the timeless appeal of Shakespeare's 154 sonnets. (RNZ).

Sings Harry

2:00 PM.When was Lilburn's landmark song-cycle 'Sings Harry' actually first performed? A few years ago, Peter Mechen asked the late Donald Munro to shed some light on the mystery, and also talked with other interpreters of the work (RNZ)

Honor McKellar

2:00 PM.Tim Dodd talks to the New Zealand mezzo, now in retirement in Dunedin after a career that included the early days of Donald Munro's New Zealand Opera Company, Glyndebourne and the John Alldis Choir in London in the 1960s, and the voice lectureship at the University of Otago.

Moondog: The Viking of 6th Avenue

2:00 PM.Ryan Smith explores the world of Moondog, the American street musician who became an iconic figure in New York City.

Schubert and his Publishers

2:00 PM. 

Thomas Goss looks at the relationship of Schubert with his publishers, especially Diabelli.

Rick Erickson, Cantor

2:00 PM.In the tradition of Bach himself, Rick Erickson is the Cantor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in New York City.

Words and Music - Flanders and Swann

2:00 PM.The wonderfully witty words and impeccable comic timing of Michael Flanders and the irresistible tunefulness and elegantly turned piano accompaniments of Donald Swann took London by storm in the 1950s and 60s (RNZ)

Words and Music - Noel Coward

2:00 PM.Noel Coward was one of the outstanding theatrical and entertainment celebrities of the first half of the 20th-Century. His background was remarkably similar to Ivor Novello, but his songs were a pole apart: clipped, witty and often slightly sneering (RNZ)

Words and Music - Ivor Novello

2:00 PM.Ivor Novello was a man of astonishing accomplishments: composer, playwright, actor, film star, producer and matinee idol but it's his songs - dripping with sentiment, romance and nostalgia - for which he is most remembered today. (RNZ)

Words and Music - Gilbert & Sullivan

2:00 PM.Vastly different personalities from significantly different backgrounds, but together Gilbert and Sullivan created magic and still give enormous pleasure to many over a hundred years later. Presented by Brian Kay (RNZ)

Words and Music - Introduction

2:00 PM.Brian Kay takes general look at the field of Words and Music, before getting down to specifics. Included amongst others are examples from Stilgoe and Skellern, Tom Lehrer, Lerner and Loewe, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Sondheim and Bernstein (RNZ).

The Isle is Full of Noises - Part 2

2:00 PM.Bali, the Gamelan and Walter Spies The second of two programmes by Elric Hooper and Des Wilson (RNZ)

The Isle is Full of Noises - Part 1

2:00 PM.Bali, the Gamelan and Walter Spies. The first of two programmes by Elric Hooper and Des Wilson (RNZ)

Jian Liu

7:00 PM.Head of Piano at the New Zealand School of Music since 2011, Dr Jian Liu has an established international performing and teaching career. Jian Liu talks with Kenneth Young about his life in music.

Kathleen Ferrier

9:00 AM.Roger Flury and Des Wilson discuss the much-loved British contralto's career.

The Rake's Progress by Stravinsky

7:00 PM.A 1947 Chicago exhibition of William Hogarth's sequence of paintings depicting "A Rake's Progress" inspired Stravinsky to compose an opera. With a clever English libretto by WH Auden & Chester Kallman, the work premiered at La Fenice in Venice in 1951. The opera is regularly revived and is now a 20th century classic. Elric Hooper & Des Wilson present an introduction to The Rake's Progress

Lola Johnson

7:00 PM.Fifty-five years after recording the country's first classical piano LP Lola Johnson talks with Peter Mechen.

Nicky Spence

7:00 PM.Scottish tenor Nicky Spence's varied career spans contemporary opera, traditional opera, crossover, recital work, recording and more. Nicky Spence talks with Christine Argyle.

War Records

7:00 PM.Des Wilson looks at the British gramophone industry's contribution to the war effort 100 years ago (RNZ).

Music and Dreams Part 1

2:00 PM.Welcome to the pleasure dome - An introduction to dreams and music.
Since ancient times, the arts have been inspired by dreams. Ryan Smith looks at some famous composers from different eras who have lifted ideas and music straight out of their dreams. Part One of Four.

Adolphe Sax

9:00 AM.The great musical progress of the 19th century would not have been possible without the ingenuity of the instrument builders, who patiently and painstakingly tinkered away, often barely keeping abreast of the demands that Romantic-era composers were making in their scores. Competition between them became operatic at times, with sabotage, espionage, backstabbing, and even attempted assassinations. And yet it was an era in which the breadth of builders’ imaginations had the sweep of a creation myth, with whole families of instruments springing to life from the dust and sweat of the workshop table. If performers had their Paganini’s and their Franz Liszt’s, if composers had their Chopin’s and their Wagner’s, then instrument builders too had their supreme virtuoso craftsmen, who blended aesthetics, beauty of tone, and practicality of use in developing the forms that we know and play today. And chief amongst these, as far as brass and winds is concerned, was Adolphe Sax.  Presented by Thomas Goss (RNZ)

Conversations with Harry

9:00 AM.Cultural entrepreneur Harry Seresin was an identity in Wellington from his arrival in 1939, safe from Nazi persecution, through several decades of energy and passion for life and the arts. In 1992 he talked with Dinah Priestley about his family background, his businesses, the establishment of Downstage Theatre, The Settlement and his coffee gallery at Parsons Bookshop (RNZ).

Chagall and Music

9:00 AM.Chagall; music inspired by the painter's works, presented by Julie Sperring.

Benjamin Northey

7:00 PM.New Chief Conductor of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra talks with David Morriss about music and life (RNZ)

Don Quixote

2:00 PM.The fanciful adventures of Cervantes' deluded knight Don Quixote and his hapless squire Sancho Panza have inspired painters, filmmakers, composers and philosophers ever since the Spanish Golden Age. Presented by Elric Hooper and Des Wilson.

The Sunday Feature: Jack Body

2:00 PM.Composer Jack Body in conversation with Kenneth Young about current and recent works including Songs & Dances of Desire.

Terence Dennis

2:00 PM.As a pianist, Terence Dennis is widely regarded as New Zealand's finest accompanist for singers. This is attested to by the fact that artists of the highest standing like Kiri Te Kanawa and Bryn Terfel have chosen him to tour New Zealand and overseas with them. He talks to Tim Dodd about his career.

Oh! What a Lovely War

2:00 PM.Elric Hooper and Des Wilson tell the story of Joan Littlewood's 1963 satirical stage show on the First World War (RNZ)

Roger Lloyd

2:00 PM.Since coming to New Zealand in 1993, Roger Lloyd has managed some of this country's finest musical institutions, including the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Wellington, the New Zealand String Quartet and the Adam Chamber Music Festival. This conversation with David Morriss takes us from his early clarinet-playing days, and years with the Ulster Orchestra, through to his current role as Chief Executive of Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand. (RNZ)

Music Outdoors

2:00 PM.There are great concert halls, grand opera houses, glorious cathedrals... but some music is just meant to be heard in the open air.

Richard Farrell - Cosmopolitan Pianist

2:00 PM.Peter Mechen and guests consider Richard Farrell's performances of Grieg and Rachmaninov.

Richard Farrell - At Home with Brahms

2:00 PM.New Zealand pianist Richard Farrell (1926-1958) relished the challenge of the enigmatic music of Brahms.

Richard Farrell - Elegant Romantic

2:00 PM.New Zealand pianist Richard Farrell is remembered for his elegant style and romantic musicality.

Richard Farrell - New Zealand pianist

2:00 PM.New Zealand pianist Richard Farrell was enjoying a successful international career until he was killed in a car accident at the age of 31. Peter Mechen and guests look back at Farrell's achievements

Renata Scotto - A legend looks back, Part 2

2:00 PM.Legendary Italian soprano looks back on her life, from her earliest memories as a young girl falling in love with opera, through her thriving career singing some of her most famously acclaimed roles, up to her present day triumphs directing opera productions and teaching young singers in her greatly sought-after master-classes (RNZ/WFMT).

Renata Scotto - A legend looks back, Part 1

2:00 PM.Legendary Italian soprano looks back on her life, from her earliest memories as a young girl falling in love with opera, through her thriving career singing some of her most famously acclaimed roles, up to her present day triumphs directing opera productions and teaching young singers in her greatly sought-after master-classes (RNZ/WFMT).

Brilliant Brass, Series 3, Programme 5

10:00 AM.David Bremner looks into the history and current activities of the National Band of New Zealand.

Brilliant Brass, Series 3, Programme 4

10:00 AM.David Bremner features British ensemble Superbrass, cornet soloist Richard Marshall and NZ composer John Psathas (RNZ).

Brilliant Brass, Series 3, Programme 3

10:00 AM.David Bremner features trombonist Zoltán Kiss, brass music from New Orleans, and composer Anton Bruckner (RNZ).

Brilliant Brass, Series 3, Programme 2

10:00 AM.David Bremner features trumpeter Alison Balsom, the Grimethorpe Colliery Band and composer Gareth Farr (RNZ).

Brilliant Brass, Series 3, Programme 1

10:00 AM.David Bremner features Louis Armstrong, Summit Brass and composer Eric Ball (RNZ)

Brilliant Brass, Series 2, Programme 5

2:00 PM.David Bremner features trumpeter Allen Vizzutti, South Island composers John and Anthony Ritchie, and the Chicago Symphony brass section.

Brilliant Brass, Series 2, Programme 4

10:00 AM.David Bremner features trombonist Joe Alessi, Christchurch band Woolston Brass, and composer Paul Hindemith (RNZ).

Brilliant Brass, Series 2, Programme 3

2:00 PM.David Bremner features the Berlin Philharmonic Horn Quartet, inimitable jazzman Miles Davis, and New Zealand composer Dean Goffin (RNZ).

Brilliant Brass, Series 2, Programme 2

2:00 PM.David Bremner features American quintet Empire Brass, euphonium ambassador David Childs, and the antiphonal composers of 16th century Venice (RNZ).

Brilliant Brass, Series 2, Programme 1

2:00 PM.David Bremner profiles trumpet supremo Sergei Nakariakov, trombone quartet Bones Apart, and band composer Peter Graham (RNZ).


2:00 PM.Lionel Bart shot an arrow into the air with his 1965 musical Twang!! The show was based on the story of Robin Hood and has gone down in history as one of the greatest flops ever. Elric Hooper and Des Wilson tell the tale.

Brian Kay's Secular Christmas

2:00 PM.Brian Kay, conductor, broadcaster and ex-King's Singer, presents a selection of some of his favourite non-sacred music for the festive season.

John Amis Composer Portraits - Michael Tippett

7:00 PM.Few British composers have responded as deeply to world events as Michael Tippett. His oratorio A Child of our Time, was an impassioned protest against the persecution and tyranny he saw happening throughout the world in 1939, at the onset of World War II. John Amis looks particularly at Tippett's music from 1939 up until the time he made this programme in 1981 (RNZ).

John Amis Composer Portraits - Benjamin Britten

7:00 PM.In this personal portrait of Benjamin Britten, recorded in 1981, John Amis reflects on how different Britten's output might have been had he never met his lifelong partner, tenor Peter Pears, for whom he wrote many of his major works (RNZ).

John Amis Composer Portraits - William Walton

7:00 PM.John Amis knew William Walton well and had interviewed him several times before this portrait, recorded in 1981. As a young man Walton was accepted into the home of the illustrious Sitwell family, leading to his famous collaboration with Edith Sitwell in Façade (RNZ).

John Amis Composer Portraits - Igor Stravinsky

2:00 PM.Just over a hundred years ago Igor Stravinsky attended the premieres of his controversial ballets The Firebird, Petrushka and The Rite of Spring when they were performed to Paris audiences. And a little over 50 years ago he came to New Zealand and conducted our National Orchestra in two memorable performances, including music from The Firebird. Stravinsky is the focus of this portrait by John Amis recorded in 1981 (RNZ).

John Amis Composer Portraits - Percy Grainger

7:00 PM.John Amis looks at the colourful and sometimes eccentric Percy Grainger, a world famous pianist, teacher and writer, who today is known mainly for his folk song arrangements. Recorded in 1981 (RNZ).

Roger Flury

2:00 PM.Just before returning to the UK after 40 years in New Zealand, Roger Flury (music librarian, historian and broadcaster) spoke with Des Wilson (RNZ).

Larry Pruden (1925-1982)

7:00 PM.Peter Mechen looks at the life and work of Taranaki-born composer Larry Pruden, talks to those who knew him, and learns about the collected edition of Pruden's works being published by Promethean Editions (RNZ).

The Low Down - Bass Riffs

1:10 PM.In this episode of The Low Down, jazz bassist Nick Tipping gets into the groove, featuring great bass riffs. Tap your toes to Slice of Heaven with Dave Dobbyn & Herbs, Paul Simon's Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes, and Bill Withers' Lovely Day.

The Low Down - Monsters of the Deep

2:00 PM.In this episode of The Low Down, jazz bassist Nick Tipping shines a light on the monsters of the deep and their spectacular bass playing. You'll hear virtuosic playing from Edgar Meyer, Jaco Pastorius' Portait of Tracy, and Berimbass with Renaud Garcia-Fons.

The Low Down - Bass Pedals

2:00 PM.In this episode of The Low Down, jazz bassist Nick Tipping lays a firm foundation with tunes built over the static bass. The bass pedal includes Naima from John Coltrane, Spring is Here from Charlie Haden, and Ravel's Piece en Forme de Habanera. (Part three of five.)

The Low Down - Bass Players

2:00 PM.In the third episode of The Low Down, jazz bassist Nick Tipping plumbs the depths for great bass players, including Ray Brown with the Oscar Peterson Trio, Edgar Meyer performing Bach, and some 'elevated love' from the Esbjorn Svensson Trio. (Part two of five)

The Low Down - Bass Lines

2:00 PM.Jazz bassist Nick Tipping cranks up the bass with memorable bass lines. You'll hear the Pat Metheny's So May it Secretly Begin, Netherworld Dancing Toys' For Today, and music from Handel's 2nd Concerto for Two Wind Choirs. (Part one of five).

Composers on Camera - Composer as Hero

2:00 PM.Thomas Goss compares the cinematic narrative of the epic hero-composer to our own assumptions and impulses in appreciating concert music.

Composers on Camera - Composer as Lover

2:00 PM.Thomas Goss explores how the subject of romance is elevated to philosophical and artistic heights when merged with the identity of a great composer.

Composers on Camera - Composer as Madman

2:00 PM.Thomas Goss discusses composer-film specialist Ken Russell & his penchant for over-the-top portrayals, and reviews other films in which hysteria trumps drama.

Composers on Camera - The Beethoven Meme

2:00 PM.Thomas Goss offers a comparison of three recent movies about the greatest classical composer, and suggests how their different views add up to one Messianic testament.

Composers on Camera - How Amadeus Changed Everything

12:00 PM.Thomas Goss takes a long view of cinematic composers, and how one film lifted their narratives from the mundane to the epic.

The Influence of Saïd

7:00 PM.East, West: Cultural Counterpoints - Programme 5: With illustrations from the past and the present, in literature, music and other cultural artefacts, we see how Said's vision has changed the way we think about the interrelationship between West and East.

Saïd on Music and Silence

7:00 PM.East, West: Cultural Counterpoints - Programme 4: In a 1997 essay Edward Said explored the development of Western Classical Music from Beethoven through Wagner to Schoenberg and beyond. John Drummond explores Said's stimulating and controversial ideas.

Saïd on Aïda

7:00 PM.East, West: Cultural Counterpoints - Programme 3: Edward Said (1935-2003) was a Palestinian-American scholar and public intellectual. John discusses Saïd’s views on Verdi’s Aïda.

Edward Saïd’s Orientalism

7:00 PM.East, West: Cultural Counterpoints - Programme 2: Edward Saïd (1935-2003) was a Palestinian-American scholar and public intellectual. Dr Vijay Devadas look at one of his most influential books Orientalism (RNZ).

The Ideas of Edward Saïd

2:00 PM.East, West: Cultural Counterpoints - Programme 1: Edward Said (1935-2003) was a Palestinian-American scholar and public intellectual. Professor John Drummond and Dr Vijay Devadas look at the life and works of one of the leading thinkers of the second half of the 20th century.

The Flying Dutchman

2:00 PM.Aidan Lang looks at Wagner's third completed opera and the first of his so-called "Romantic" operas along with Tannhäuser and Lohengrin.

Stravinsky and the Machine - Think Nothing

2:00 PM.New Zealand musicologist and author of Experiencing Stravinsky: A Listener’s Companion (2013), Robin Maconie, charts the fruitful relationship between Stravinsky’s music and advents of technology. Part 1 of 2.

Emerging Artists at NZ Opera

2:00 PM.Clarissa Dunn finds out how NZ Opera's intern programme helps young New Zealand singers to forge a career in the international profession of opera singing.

The Planets

2:00 PM.Gustav Holst's 'The Planets' is a triumph of orchestration, but many of its features and innovations are taken for granted. Thomas Goss takes us on a tour of the unique architecture and fascinating conception of this 20th-century masterpiece.

Tchaikovsky and Brahms

2:00 PM.The rivalry between Tchaikovsky and Brahms was legendary, and it went beyond mere distaste for one another's musical direction. Thomas Goss explores the uneasy friendship and resulting musical ferment in the lives of the two giants. (RNZ)

The organ of Napier Cathedral

2:00 PM.The organ in Napier Cathedral has been restored and enlarged to become New Zealand's most advanced cathedral organ. Kerry Stevens follows the restoration which honours the organ builders who have contributed to the instrument over many decades.

Cameron Carpenter

7:00 PM.John Wells talks to organist superstar Cameron Carpenter.

Charlotte's Web - Piera McArthur

12:00 PM.Charlotte Wilson talks to Piera McArthur, painter, music-lover, and subject of a lifetime's retrospective at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery, about the place of music in her life.

Charlotte's Web - Marti Friedlander

12:00 PM.Arriving in New Zealand in 1958, Marti Friedlander immediately turned to photography to explore the new country and society around her, and has captured many of this country's most important images: artists and politicians, children and kuia, protests and landscapes. Charlotte Wilson asks her about the place of music in her life.

Risë Stevens (1913-2013)

2:00 PM.The glamorous American mezzo-soprano lived almost 100 years. Roger Flury & Des Wilson review her career on the opera stage and in the movies.

High Class Middlebrow - Part 3: Gavin Sutherland

2:00 PM.Brian Kay talks to conductor, composer and arranger Gavin Sutherland who has numerous light music recordings to his credit.

High Class Middlebrow - Part 2: Ronald Corp

2:00 PM.Brian Kay talks to conductor and composer Ronald Corp, whose recordings of light music for Hyperion in the 1990s became immensely popular and helped to re-ignite interest in the field of light music.

High Class Middlebrow - Part 1: John Wilson

2:00 PM.Brian Kay talks to conductor, composer, arranger John Wilson, whose musical genius is behind many successful projects in light music and film music.

Tobias Ringborg

2:00 PM.Visiting Swedish conductor talks with Christine Argyle.

Candide: Too Much Genius

2:00 PM.A look at Leonard Bernstein's 20th century musical presented by Elric Hooper & Des Wilson.

Carmen: I am here, I am me

2:00 PM.Jack Body's composition 'Songs & Dances of Desire' entwines the life of Bizet's opera character with the story of one of NZ's notable characters, Carmen Rupe. NB - listener discretion is advised due to strong language and adult themes (RNZ)

Don Carlos

2:00 PM.Versions of Don Carlos, presented by Michael Vinten.

Eckehard Stier

2:00 PM.Tim Dodd talks to the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra's Music Director and Chief Conductor, a man of prodigious energy who also holds positions at Görlitz Opera and the Neue Lausitz Philharmonic Orchestra.

Wagner, the Sea and the Dutchman

2:00 PM.Heath Lees explores the role of the sea in Wagner's opera The Flying Dutchman.

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

2:00 PM.Peter Shaw profiles the 20th Century's greatest lieder singer.

Welsh tenor Dennis O'Neill

2:00 PM.The distinguished Welsh tenor and educator talks with Christine Argyle.

Soprano Taryn Fiebig

2:00 PM.Helpmann Award-winning Australian soprano Taryn Fiebig talks with Christine Argyle.

Fanelli (1860-1917)

2:00 PM.When it comes to discussing the origins of Impressionism in French music, the work of composer Ernest Fanelli is surrounded by controversy. Presented by Roger Wilson.

Light Music: Into the Future

2:00 PM.Brian Kay presents a selection of his favourite pieces of Light Music. In this programme, rather than celebrating the glories of the past, he looks at living composers taking the genre into the future.

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