The Sunday Feature

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2:00 pm on Sunday (05 Oct 2014)

The Low-Down

Five programmes

(3) Jazz bassist Nick Tipping lays a firm foundation with tunes built over the static bass. The bass pedal includes Naima from John Coltrane, Spring is Here from Charlie Haden, and Ravel's Piece en Forme de Habanera (RNZ)

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  • The Low Down - Bass Players ( 46′ 13″ )

    In this episode of The Low Down, jazz bassist Nick Tipping plumbs the depths for great bass players, including Ray Brown with the Oscar Peterson Trio, Edgar Meyer performing Bach, and some 'elevated love' from the Esbjorn Svensson Trio.

    From The Sunday Feature on 28 Sep 2014

  • The Low Down - Bass Lines ( 51′ 39″ )

    Jazz bassist Nick Tipping cranks up the bass with memorable bass lines. You'll hear the Pat Metheny's So May it Secretly Begin, Netherworld Dancing Toys' For Today, and music from Handel's 2nd Concerto for Two Wind Choirs.

    From The Sunday Feature on 21 Sep 2014

  • Composers on Camera - Composer as Madman ( 57′ 29″ )

    Thomas Goss discusses composer-film specialist Ken Russell & his penchant for over-the-top portrayals, and reviews other films in which hysteria trumps drama.

    From The Sunday Feature on 17 Aug 2014

  • Composers on Camera - The Beethoven Meme ( 57′ 55″ )

    Thomas Goss offers a comparison of three recent movies about the greatest classical composer, and suggests how their different views add up to one Messianic testament.

    From The Sunday Feature on 10 Aug 2014

  • Composers on Camera - How Amadeus Changed Everything ( 57′ 9″ )

    Thomas Goss takes a long view of cinematic composers, and how one film lifted their narratives from the mundane to the epic.

    From The Sunday Feature on 03 Aug 2014