Friday 24 October 2014, with Christine Argyle

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  • Susan King and Karlin Love - NZ Lutefest ( 25′ 42″ )

    12:20 Australian-based lutenist and bowhorn player featuring at the New Zealand Lutefest 2014 in Wellington. [topic] Music [location] Wellington

  • Christine Argyle: looking back ( 41′ 38″ )

    12:48 Long-time Radio New Zealand Concert presesnter and founder of the Upbeat programme reflects back over her radio career and the works that she enjoyed most along the way. [topic] Music [location] New Zealand

12:15 Susan King & Karlin Love

Visiting artists for this weekend's Lute Fest New Zealand 2014


12:40 Christine's Choice

Upbeat founder Christine Argyle looks back on her 18 years at Radio New Zealand Concert, and shares some of her favourite tracks

Christine Argyle