Friday 24 February 2012, with Eva Radich

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  • Stefan Cassomenos ( 12′ 17″ )

    12:15 Melbourne based pianist performing with the Waitakere Orchestra this weekend after giving master classes around NZ.

  • Avi Shoshani ( 19′ 24″ )

    12:40 Israel Philharmonic Secretary General in the country for New Zealand Orchestral Sector review by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

  • Emily Smith and Jamie McClennan ( 13′ 45″ )

    13:00 Scottish Folk Singer and NZ Fiddler and Guitarist touring the country this month.

  • Emma Rice ( 12′ 09″ )

    13:15 Artistic Director of UK based Kneehigh Theatre company presenting The Wild Bride at the NZ International Arts Festival.

12:15 Stefan Cassamenos

Australian pianist performing with the Waitakare Orchestra this weekend

12:30 Avi Shoshani

Israel Philharmonic Secretary General talks about the New Zealand Orchestral Ministry of Culture and Heritage Sector review

12:45 Emma Rice

Director of The Wild Bride, opening in the International Festival of the Arts tonight

1pm Emily Smith and Jamie McClennan

Folk-music duo currently touring the country