Tuesday 16 October 2012, with Eva Radich

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  • Rob Garrett ( 20′ 25″ )

    12:15 Auckland based curator, educator and arts manager on three of his upcoming exhibitions: 'Lost in a Dream' at Snake Pit, 'NZ Sculpture OnShore' and the 'Corner' project space.

  • Michael Houstoun Review ( 13′ 04″ )

    12:42 Keith Clancy reviews last night's Auckland performance of Beethoven's Diabelli Variations by pianist Michael Houstoun.

  • Steve Smith ( 19′ 42″ )

    13:00 US jazz, rock and fusion drummer touring NZ with Rodger Fox's Wellington Jazz Orchestra.

12:15 Rob Garrett

Curator talks about his exhibition Lost in a Dream, opening at Auckland's Snake Pit on Friday

Lost in a Dream

12:40 Keith Clancy

Review of Michael Houstoun's Diabelli Variations performance

1pm Steve Smith

American drummer working with Rodger Fox's Wellington Jazz Orchestra