Tuesday 30 October 2012, with Eva Radich

Michael Hill International Violin Competition New Zealand Development Prize Winner Amalia HallThe females are in the box seat for this year’s Michael Hill International Violin Competition: 17 out of the 18 contestants are female. There’s a lot at stake with prize money of forty thousand dollars and a chance to launch an international career. 

Join Eva Radich for Upbeat live from Queenstown at the earlier time of 1pm on Friday 6th June for a two hour profile of this global event.

Then hear them compete on our Michael Hill International Violin Competition webpage.

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Dean Parker

12:18 Auckland based playwright presenting his latest show 'The Tigers of Wrath' at Wellington's Circa Theatre.

Rowena Simpson and Stuart Coats

13:03 Soprano and baritone performing 'Home' by Jacqueline Coats - touring NZ next month on behalf of Arts On Tour.

12:15 Dean Parker

Writer of Circa Theatre's The Tigers of Wrath

12:40 Susan de Jong

Upbeat jazz contributor

1pm Rowena Simpson and Stuart Coates

Stars of Home at Expressions Upper Hutt