Wednesday 7 November 2012, with Eva Radich

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Maxim Rysanov

12:12 PM.Viola soloist performing with both the Auckland Philharmonia and Christchurch Symphony Orchestras.

Michael Wells

12:47 PM.Manager and member of Tamashii Taiko who are performing at Art in the Dark festival in Ponsonby this weekend.

Tom Woods

1:03 PM.Christchurch Symphony Orchestra Music Director previews the 2013 season.

12:15 Maxim Rysanov

Viola soloist performing concerti with the Christchurch Symphony and Auckland Philharmonia Orchestras

12:40 Michael Wells

Tamashii Taiko drummer previews their performance at Art in the Dark

1pm Tom Woods

Christchurch Symphony Orchestra Music Director announces next year's season

Tom Woods