14 Apr 2016

Remembering the golden years of Bowie

From Upbeat, 1:39 pm on 14 April 2016

Some of New Zealand's finest musicians will perform 25 David Bowie masterpieces in a tribute concert in Wellington tonight.

Members of Split Enz, The Veils, The Jordan Luck Band, Space Waltz and The Human Instinct will perform in honour of Bowie, who died in January, in the concert at the St James theatre.

Bowie: Waiting in the Sky was on last night in Auckland, and there will be one more performance in Christchurch on Tuesday at the Isaac Theatre Royal.

Alastair Riddell in 1975 / Alastair Riddell today

Alastair Riddell in 1975 / Alastair Riddell today Photo: YouTube screenshot / Facebook

Alastair Riddell from the band Space Waltz - the man known as New Zealand's own David Bowie in the '70s - looks back at the life and work of the Diamond Dog.