6 Jan 2003

Indonesia may establish a joint police/army investigation into Freeport mine ambush

5:30 pm on 6 January 2003

The Indonesian Government is likely to establish a joint investigative team to probe a fatal ambush at Timika in August.

The attack claimed the lives of three teachers, two of them Americans, working for the company running the giant Freeport gold mine.

The military and the police have submitted contradictory reports on their investigations.

The Jakarta Post reports senior police and army officers met at the weeked and discussed the results of their investigations, but could not decide who was responsible and what the motive for the attack was.

The police have said they have evidence linking the army to the ambush, but the TNI rejects this accusation, and has pointed the finger at the separatist Free Papua Movement, or OPM.

A source at the meeting told the paper that any investigative team would not include organisations like the FBI, as the US has requested.