14 Jan 2003

Promise of more indictments for corruption in Guam

4:27 pm on 14 January 2003

US Attorney Fred Black has said that government corruption is public enemy number one in Guam and there will be more indictments of people in high places.

Mr Black's statement came at a press conference announcing two guilty pleas from high-ranking government officials.

One top official in the outgoing government of Carl Guiterrez has been convicted and two others have also been indicted.

Former hospital adminstrator Dr Davina Lujan and associate adminstrator Therese Hart have agreed to plea bargains with the government.

Mr Black says the plea agreements are aimed at reducing the sentences if Hart and Lujan help his office get other "bigger fish".

Hart pleaded guilty to money laundering and Lujan pleaded guilty to illegally distributing the narcotic Perocet.