20 Jan 2003

Five jailed in New Caledonia after tribal clash

5:24 pm on 20 January 2003

Five New Caledonian men have been jailed for their role in a tribal clash near Houailou ten days ago.

A judge ruled that they be held because of their role in setting many traditional houses on fire, killing animals and desecrating graves.

Last week, ten people were arrested over the stand-off between the Poukiou clan and the Euribeary clan during which armed men forced ten Euribeary families out of their homes.

Two of those arrested have been conditionally released while a 17-year-old is being considered for special treatment because of his age.

The rivalry stems from a dispute over cattle and several months ago a member of the Poukiou clan was seriously wounded by a gun shot for which the perpetrator was jailed.