30 Jan 2003

Stranded Polynesian Airlines passengers in Niue to be flown out tomorrow

4:58 pm on 30 January 2003

Polynesian Airlines has scheduled an extra flight from Niue to fly dozens of stranded passengers back to New Zealand.

About sixty people were forced to remain on the island for several weeks longer than planned due to a lack of seats on the single weekly flight to Auckland, some waiting since last year.

The general manager of Polynesian's commercial operations, Sala Petelo Vaioulu, says that about 30 stranded passengers remain and they will be flown out on the extra flight tomorrow.

He says the weekly service from Niue only started last October and the airline did not expect the high demand it has since seen.

"You know it wasn't expected there was this much of traffic going through to Niue. We didn't sort of plan for additional flights until we got influx of people requesting to return to New Zealand and that is why we have assisted by putting in a special flight this week."

Sala Petelo Vaioulu.