30 Apr 2002

Solomons police say Filipino gunman investigated but free

5:36 am on 30 April 2002

Police in Solomon Islands say they are still investigating a recent shooting incident in which a Filipino man fired shots at a house used by an opposition MP, Alfred Sasako.

The Filipino man, who claimed to be an associate of a man reportedly providing security for the prime minister, fired two shots at the house but nobody was hurt.

He told Mr Sasako that the shots went off accidentally when he was cleaning his high-powered weapon while Mr Sasako's supporters claimed it was an assassination attempt.

Mr Sasako says he is concerned that a foreigner is moving around Honiara freely with a weapon that he hold illegally.

The police commissioner, Morton Siriheti, says the incident is being looked into.

"There has been some initial contacts been done, conducted investigation and interviewing of the Phillipino at the earlier stage."

Morton Siriheti