30 Apr 2002

Solomons police alerted about plans of illegally armed groups to take over policing

6:24 pm on 30 April 2002

Solomon Islands police say they have been alerted that there are plans to set up illegal armed groups to take over policing.

The deputy commissioner, Wilfred Akao, says concerned citizens have advised police of people trying to recruit members for groups wanting to oversee national security.

But Mr Akao says it is his department's job to provide law and order.

He says police have no names but he says he believes the warnings may be linked to people refusing to hand over illegally held weapons.

"My perception is that maybe people are trying to form this kind of group so that they attract other - in the light of trying to propagate certain issues that would make them hang on to the arms, sort of thing."

Deputy Police Commissioner, Wilfred Akao.