7 May 2002

Congressional survey in American Samoa shows support for US laws in the territory

3:39 am on 7 May 2002

American Samoa's member of the US Congress, Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin, has released the results of a congressional survey involving nearly two thousand college and high school students.

75 percent of those surveyed believed people born in American Samoa should automatically become US citizens and almost the same number thought that US immigration laws should apply to American Samoa.

At present, American Samoans are nationals of the US and do not vote for the president.

The territory also has its own immigration system different to that of the US.

The survey also indicated strong suport for federal court jurisdiction, with 76 per cent of those surveyed supporting a federal court with limited jurisdiction being established in Pago Pago.

58 percent of those responding support a twenty per cent tax on tuna sold by foreign vessels to the canneries in American Samoa.