7 May 2002

Cooks lawyer wants case dismissed due to police laziness

5:07 pm on 7 May 2002

A lawyer in the Cook Islands says police are taking far too long to hand over relevant information when it comes to court cases.

Adam McDonald from Browne, Gibson, Harvey, pc, says he's asked the court to dismiss a case against a client who's been charged with theft because the police haven't handed over the information.

Mr McDonald says despite asking for the documents, he's often given only an information sheet or a summary of facts.

"If we actually get something dismissed, for want of prosecution, that will certainly be a wake-up call to the police, and basically that's the premises I'm banking on. I know that in some cases, they have the evidence, but it's not forth-coming."

The police commissioner, Pira Wichman, says police will be looking into the matter.