8 May 2002

Dumping plan in Solomon Islands will have greatest impact on subsistence farmers

10:56 am on 8 May 2002

The Solomon Islands Planting Material Network has condemned the Government's plans to allow the dumping of waste on Makira.

It says a small group of people is making reckless decisions that will leave a toxic legacy for the future.

Tony Jensen of the Network says they are concerned at the impact the dumping will have on women, children and subsistence farmers.

"People who are really going to suffer from these kind of cevelopment if you could call it that, is the rural people - eighty-five percent of Solomon Islands' population - who are subsistence farmers and they rely on clean water, clean soil, clean food and air for their quality of life and their livelihood. And they're having very little say in this development which is to solve Honiara-based problems in the government."

Tony Jensen of the Planting Material Network