8 May 2002

Researcher has bigger plans in Cooks than pig cell transplants

3:22 pm on 8 May 2002

A New Zealand research company which wants to conduct controversial medical experiments in the Cook Islands is proposing to the Cooks government that it be allowed to do further research into diabetes.

This has been revealed this week by the overseas MP, Dr Joe Williams, who has been a strong advocate of the push by Diatranz to conduct xenotransplant trials in the search for a diabetes cure.

Following widespread opposition, the government has indicated that it is unlikely to allow such experiments to go ahead.

But Dr Williams has told parliament that he and the Diatranz head, Bob Elliot, will put a bigger proposition to the government within three months.

The Prime Minister's Office says this research, which will be laboratory-based, will look at whether potential sufferers of diabetes can be identified before the disease occurs.