14 May 2002

Solomons government disappointed with donor attitude

4:49 pm on 14 May 2002

The Solomon Islands government is reported to be disappointed with criticism by Australia's foreign minister who said the situation in the Solomons remains in chaos and law and order problems continue.

This comes amid alleged new demands by aid donors that unnamed criminals be arrested before more help is offered.

George Atkin reports.

"A cabinet minister, who doesn't want to be named, says although there are Australian security advisors in the police force, they appear to have done nothing to improve the security problem. The sources say the government is upset with some traditional donors who have pledged support for the Solomon Islands' rebuilding process, if a credible budget was put in place. They have not named the donor governments but they say the 2002 budget is now in place and yet assistance is still not forthcoming. They add in fact the government has in fact received new demands it must meet as prerequisite to giving the assistance. The cabinet sources say the government is now embarking in trying to get financial assistance from non-traditional aid donors because of the traditional aid donors' attitude."