22 May 2002

PNG's volcanic eruption will cause food and water shortages on Manem

2:37 pm on 22 May 2002

Papua New Guinea's Disaster Management Office says residents affected by the weekend's volcanic eruption on Manem island will experience food and water shortages within the next few days.

Its executive director, Henry Mokono says the over 2-thousand residents have been relocated to safe areas on the island.

On Sunday, Manem volcano emitted ash and lava which has affected crops, waterways and hunting grounds.

Mr Mokono says they have reduced the status of the volcano to non criticial, and evacuation from the island is not necessary.

But he says they are on evacuation alert, while plans are underway to provide food and water.

"Currently people have been moved to local villages on the same island. The government will be advised as soon as we have the most up to date information from the ground. The provincial authorities in Madang will be called in to assist with food."

Henry Mokono