4 Jun 2002

Fiji Nurses Assoc'n threaten industrial action

3:03 pm on 4 June 2002

The Fiji Nurses Association is threatening industrial action over the expulsion of two people in the country to recruit nurses for jobs in the United Arab Emirates.

The association's secretary, Kuini Lutua, says she believes the Ministry of Health was behind the move by Immigration to order two recruiters from HealthLink New Zealand to leave within 12 hours.

She ays there's a shortage of nurses in Fiji and they've been negotiating for months over salary anomalies and better pay and working conditions.

Ms Lutua says they've got nowhere and this latest move has angered the nurses.

"What has happened, it has prompted us to go back to our members. ....if the Government is not going to anything about this and about and the current nursing issues that is there with them, then we may have to revert to industrial action"

Ms Lutua says the nurses right to decide where to work is being taken away and nobody is happy about that.

Nurses can earn approximately four times what they earn in Fiji for a one year contract in the United Arab Emirates.