10 Jun 2002

Britain prepares to help Solomon Islands restore law and order

5:07 pm on 10 June 2002

Britain is to provide a judge as part of its contribution to the restoration of law and order in Solomon Islands.

Its High Commissioner, Bryan Baldwin, says it will also provide forensic training for police

He says Britain it is also willing to look at sending a police commissioner to replace the retiring Morton Sireheti.

Britain, Australia, New Zealand and the European Union, are working together on the law and order issue.

Many of their projects will have long term benefits, but there is a clear need to focus on the short term, and Bryan Baldwin expects an aid donors meeting next week will look at this.

"the immediate problems need to be addressed and that's really what I think the meeting on the 19th of June will look at and... other obviously... discussions ...that we are having here as to how we can actually give that immediate requirement something of a push and how best to do that is something which will I think emerge over the next few months."

Bryan Baldwin.

At the weekend New Zealand said it will consider sending police who can work alongside local front line officers.