11 Jun 2002

Solomons opposition calls for special constables to be removed

11:25 am on 11 June 2002

The Solomon Islands opposition has called on the prime minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza, to make good on a promise to end the employment of former militants as special constables.

The opposition's spokesman for foreign affairs, Alfred Sasako, also says he welcomes plans by New Zealand and Australia to strengthen the Solomons police.

Mr Sasako says Sir Allan is due to take action after making promises when he was still the deputy prime minister in the previous government..

"We are still waiting for the Prime Minister now that he is Prime Minister to act on those assurances that he gave us that the government decides when these special constables must go and I think it is time that they must go I think they have been far more of a problem than help to maintain law and order particularly in Honiara."

Alfred Sasako