10 Jun 2002

Fiji police probe army funds lost in Africa scam

3:41 pm on 10 June 2002

Fiji Police are investigating the loss of more than 45-thousand US dollars of army funds diverted to a global scam orginating in Africa.

The money was part of more than 65-thousand dollars sent to East Timor for improvements to the living quarters of Fiji troops on peacekeeping duties there.

But a Fiji officer stationed in East Timor diverted most of the money to a fraudulent investment scheme marketed by email from the Congo which promised a return of 100 percent a month.

The officer then made an unsuccessful trip to Europe to recover the money and interest, only to find the paper company involved had folded and its operators had disappeared.

The officer has been suspended pending police investigations.

Fiji police have repeatedly warned people against responding to emails soliciting bank account numbers and funds with the promise of large returns.