18 Jun 2002

Fiji Chinese Association suggests quotas and monitors

5:11 pm on 18 June 2002

The Chinese Association of Fiji says it's suggested to the government that there ought to be a quota system and a way of monitoring new arrivals in the country.

The association's vice-president, Bill Yee, says the long-established Chinese community in Fiji is not to blame for the recent crimes.

Police are currently investigating four murders, money laundering, people smuggling, prostitution rackets and illegal gambling all involving recently arrived Chinese nationals.

Mr Yee says the government hasn't listened to what they have to say.

"We have made suggestions to the government to improve the quality"

of immigrants.

. We have suggested, for example, that there aught to be a quota system every year and where the people will have to be sponsored by chinese citizens, who live here. But that has not been accepted.

Mr Yee says the newcomers keep to themselves.