20 Jun 2002

The leader of Fiji's United General Party blame coups for robberies and homicides

2:48 pm on 20 June 2002

The leader of Fiji's United General Party, Mick Beddoes, is blaming the country's three coups for the increase in robberies and murders.

In a statement, Mr Beddoes says there can be no doubt that the coups over the last 15 years and their implications on individual households in society are contributing factors to the depths of despair in the country.

He says there does not seem to be any serious concern by those committing these offences about the consequences of their actions.

Mr Beddoes says people cannot be expected to respect and follow the law if they believe that those in authority charged with enforcing the law do so inconsistently and with bias.

He says it is unjust to condemn the whold of a community, be they Chinese, Fijians, Indians or other minority groups, for the actions of a few.