25 Jun 2002

Work to begin on Cook Islands' Vaimaanga hotel soon

4:43 pm on 25 June 2002

Work on the Vaimaanga Hotel project in the Cook Islands may resume in a couple of months.

Formerly known as the Sheraton Hotel on the main island of Rarotonga, the completion of the multi million dollar complex has been on hold since 1998.

Tim Arnold, who is a Cook Islands-based lawyer for landowners, says while they've signed an agreement with the New Zealand property development company, Covington, there are other interested parties.

He says they have the support of the Chamber of Commerce, the tourism industry and the government's Development Investment Board.

"So we're confident from that point of view that things will move forward reasonably swiftly, as against that I'd have to say that some in Government have not made it at all easy to make the progress that we have achieved so far, and uh I guess over the next two or three weeks we'll just have to sit back and see what the Government's position is in terms of engaging constructively on the rest of the process."

Tim Arnold.