26 Jun 2002

Fiji's Mahendra Chaudhry wants to know about coup investigation

6:06 pm on 26 June 2002

The leader of the Fiji Labour Party, Mahendra Chaudhry, is demanding to know why police investigations into the coup have not concluded more than two years after the crisis.

Mr Chaudhry, whose government was overthrown in the coup, is asking the police commissioner, Colonel Isikia Savua, why nothing has been done about the businessmen, politicians and senior civil servants named in his statement to the police.

Radio FM 96 says the questions have been raised in letters sent to Colonel Savua and the home affairs minister, Joketani Cokanasiga.

Mr Chaudhry also wants to know whether the police commissioner has been questioned by investigators for his alleged role in the crisis although he was cleared by a secret inquiry conducted by the chief justice.

The assistant commissioner, Moses Driver, is quoted as saying the police have done a lot in the coup investigation.