27 Jun 2002

Papuans in Indonesia upset by military findings into Eluay murder

10:24 am on 27 June 2002

The pro-independence Papua Presidium Council has denounced the Indonesian military's statement that there was no political motive behind last November's murder of the Papuan leader, Theys Eluay.

The Council's spokesperson, Willie Mandowen, says the comment shows that the Indonesian government is covering up the investigation.

Yesterday, the Military Police Chief, Major General Sulaiman A.B. said Chief Eluay's killing was a criminal act because there was no information to support a political motive.

Mr Mandowen says the police and military investigation lacks transperancy and is an attempt to hide human rights abuses by the Kopassus elite troops.

"We think it's very hard for somebody, who did the cover operation of the killings, would be the one to do the investigation, and they would be the one to make the judgement.There's more than 100 thousand west papuan who have been killed. None of their cases have been brought to justice. This is an injustice."

Willie Mandowen.

Nine Kopassus soldiers are in detention as suspects in the killing.

The identity of the soldiers is still unknown but it is expected that they will face a Higher Military Court in July.