2 Jul 2002

State of emergency declared in Fiji's largest outer island

10:24 am on 2 July 2002

A state of emergency has been declared at Fiji's largest outer island government station because of a lack of water supplies.

The Fiji Times reports that the crisis has hit Vunisea in the Kadavu group to the south of Suva.

600 people live at the government station which hosts a hospital, government primary and secondary schools, a police station, a post office, an airport and other amenities.

The state of emergency means government services for nearly 10 thousand people of Kadavu have been temporarily suspended.

One government department head is quoted as saying the declaration will only be lifted after the water supply has been restored.

The Kadavu hospital has been closed for the last four days with doctors and nurses only on call for emergency cases.

Police officers are on standby at their homes.